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get lean | get lean vs weight loss?

Why did I choose the words get lean instead of weight loss for my new series of posts?

A couple of my pet peeves….

  • People doing only cardio and not lifting to “lose weight” and losing muscle and wondering why they do not look like they want to look.
  • People who say they want to “tone up.” ¬†What does that mean? Do you want to gain muscle? Do you want to lose fat?

Losing weight isn’t the goal. The goal is to lose fat. Most of us want to maintain muscle because muscle is important for overall health and it helps us burn fat and stay lean. ūüôā

Image Credit  [Edited by FITori. I only edited the color. My freaky shoulder just looked that way!]

It helps to understand what needs to happen to your body in order to change it so you can understand how to go about it. When we think  about losing weight, we just think about the scale. When we know we want to gain or maintain muscle and we want to lose fat, we can better focus our nutrition and fitness efforts with specific goals in mind.

Be specific about what you want! Keep that goal in mind. ¬†Cutting your calories down too low or doing cardio, hour after hour and not lifting will not help you achieve the physique you want!!! [Who wants to be skinny fat?!] Don’t lose sight of your specific goal.

[post updated this post December 12, 20o11]

Anne - This reminded me of your “skinny fat” post a while back!! Love that pic, btw.

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