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get lean | how much should I be eating?

The BMR calculator is a great way to calculate the number of calories you should aim for to lose or maintain weight.

You can look up your BMR here or do a google search for it!

Then, you will account for your lifestyle by multiplying your BMR by the number below that applies to you. Mine is 1.1 or 1.2 because I work a desk job.

  • Sedentary – 1.1 – seated most of the day
  • Light – 1.2 – walking around half the day
  • Moderate – 1.3 – walking around most of the day
  • High – 1.4 – high physical activity.

Next, you’ll need to account for your calorie expenditure during exercise.  Hopefully, you’ve taken my advice and know exactly how many calories you’re burning with every workout by using your Heart Rate Monitor.

BMR   x   lifestyle score   +   calorie expenditure from exercise   =   your daily caloric needs

This is a great starting point, but please use your best judgment and HOW YOU FEEL to determine your healthy calorie intake when losing or maintaining your weight.

If you’re trying to get lean, check out this post here for more info on how much to lower your calories to lose fat!

All calories are not created equally so stay tuned for more detailed info on what to eat.


Lindsay - Love your blog. I don’t read any blogs except this one. Interesting thing… Used the link for BMR. If you put in the same weight but one inch shorter than you get more calories?? Also, gave me more calories than any way I’ve ever calculated before but seems more reasonable.

tori - I just tried it online (I didn’t calculate anything afterward) and I got lower calories for shorter….hmmmm…. I did not use the entire calculation. But, like I said, everyone is different and I know my metabolism is still coming back. It will depend on how much muscle mass you have and other factors, so you’ll have to listen to your body. I know that 1100 – 1500 calories works for me to lose weight….depends on my calorie burn and I factor that in. I’ll eat more if I’m working out more. (I didn’t during contest prep but I do now). How many calories did it say for you?

sandi - i tried it also and got a huge number. most sites have told me to eat about 1,150 to lose weight but this one said 1,587. i can’t imagine how large i would be if i ate 1,500 calories a day! i’m usually about 1,200 to maintain…but then i’m really bad about working out

tori - Really? 1500 is huge? I guess it’s relative to so many other factors!!!

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