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get lean & maintain | how does your environment affect you?

Does your environment affect you and your attempts to lose or maintain? My environment totally affects me!  I wish it didn’t, but it does!  And, knowing that gives me more control over my weight.  Some people are born better able to cope with external cues. Others, like me, are either born with or somehow develop into having a harder time resisting external cues to eat.  Good news…if the lesson can be learned it can be unlearned as well and I am working on this!

I am working on taking ownership over (1) what I put in my mouth (2)whether I work out and (3) my own choices and thus my own weight and fitness! I can remember many days during contest prep when I was frustrated with my day because I was out of time and still needed to get a workout in.  There are also days when my FIThubby wants to eat out and I do not. I want to stick to my plan or I have already splurged for the day and there is no more room to splurge that night.  It is frustrating. But who can I blame? If I choose to go ahead and eat badly even though I know I do not have the allowance in my day for that, whose fault is that? Is it my husband’s fault for choosing to have a “cheat” meal?  Is it my friends’ fault for inviting me to eat out?  NO!  I have control over what I put in my mouth!

I have been working on this over the last month or so and I have done really well!!!  I have watched my FIThubby eat “cheat” foods at night and I have eaten my planned food and not resented, not been upset, just enjoyed that afterword…I felt good!  There isn’t much that feels better than being true to your intentions for the day and staying in control of food, instead of letting food or stress control ME!  I have also gone off plan two different times. Neither time was I out of control of my eating. Both times I planned it and decided I would “cheat” (step 1) and both times I ate a reasonable amount (step 2) but…I still didn’t enjoy it!!  Learning lesson! There’s no sense in beating myself up for “cheating” on my diet…especially when I was in control of my eating (or even if I was not).  It’s a lesson learned.


In an experiment with “cafeteria rats” it was found that when they were given “free access to a wide variety of tempting, rich, highly palatable foods, they greatly overate and became obese.”  Another study showed people being more overweight if they had a wide variety of snacks and sweets available to them.  The external cue theory  says that in some people (like ME!) the internal regulatory systems are overriden by environmental influences!

Are you one of those people who are easily effected by your environment? Now that you know that, how will you work on that?  And, how will you change your environment to make it easier for you to meet your goals and then maintain them?

reference:  Personal Nutrition |  selfdiscipline

sandi - i love this post!!! i’m so an enviromental eater. my hubby and kids insist on having cookies or some other kind of sweet in the house. I find myself always snacking!!! even when i try to make an effort something always eats away at my will power (like that annoying grad school paper or the screaming kids running around my house). any tips on increasing will power?

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