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I had a post coming up on proper portions and I also have included some of this info in my how much of what to do i eat post. This came on the Today Show this morning though while I was having my coffee and thought it was a great visual segment to explain how BIG our portions are now days.  Some of the portions served are THREE TIMES the size we should be eating! Ew.

If you go out to dinner (or lunch, for that matter) with me you will see me order off the Kids Menu (or at least ask, even if they say no!).  Often if you’re nice, the waitress/waiter will be happy to give you food off the Kid’s Menu and for sure when you order to take home – how do they know if you have a kid at home?!  I order Kid’s Menu items at Chick-fil-A and if I ever get movie theater popcorn, which I’ve told you not to do here, but we all have a little bad food now and then, right?

Also, if you go out to eat with me, you will see me ask everyone at the table if they will share a meal with me….hopefully there is one taker!  I like to split an entree, get extra veggies, maybe a salad (which can be high in calories, but a fun treat now and then) and maybe share a dessert too!  Another way to eat only half the meal is to take half home and go ahead and divide it out when you get the meal. So, ask the waiter/waitress for a “to go” box as soon as you get your meal and set it aside. The problem I have with this is that I don’t want to take bad food home! I like to eat out once in a while and leave it there. I want to go home and eat healthy again. It’s a rare meal that I really want to duplicate at home.

SHARE: Any other tips you have on eating smaller portions out?

Layla - I actually eat less if I eat out. I fill up on salad beforehand, then when my meal comes, I’m not that hungry. I should start doing that at home!

Dawn - I usually go out to eat with my husband and he won’t share…we don’t like the same things. I take half home and throw it out or give it to the dog…or anothere family member. I am not a big salad eater away nfrom home. They always add cheese and I hate that…and It never fails…i always forget to tell them not to do that 🙁 - actually you make a fabulous point about eating from the kids menu. of course some people are a little afraid to ask for a non-adult menu but it should matter. the kids menu always has much more nutrient rich meals in general, and they tend to balance the ratios between protein, carbs, and fats much better. and the sizes are more reasonable and not made for dinosaur appetites lol.

xoxo - wonderful blog btw!!!! <3

Tina - I love sharing meals so that way I can have just enough of something I want, but load up more on healthier things like a salad to start. Although I wish more house salads were spinach and not iceberg!

tori - @Layla – I wish I was like you! I tend to eat more when I eat out!
@Dawn – My hubby won’t share either! I have to get creative when I eat out w/ him BUT w/ my girlfriends- we share!
@Kelsey – Thanks so much!!! I love the kids menu but I sometimes find the kids menu to be REALLY unhealthy – mac&cheese, grilled cheese, chicken fingers! But I hope that you’re right more often than not!
@Tina – GREAT plan! I totally agree with you on the salad!!!

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