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One of my nutrition books did a Profile of Successful Dieters that I thought was pretty accurate.

  • They know their weight. (They check their scale weight weekly.)
  • They are motivated from within.  Check out my post on motivation here.
  • They know what they eat. (They keep records.) Check out my post on food diaries here.
  • They engage in regular exercise (60 to 90 minutes of moderate exercise on most days.)
  • They have social support (relationships/groups, including friends and in-home support.)
  • They control their intake of alcohol, fat, and sugar.
  • They follow a personalized diet plan — one that they can enjoy permanently.  (This is why I am working to start my business.)
  • They lose no more than a pound or two a week.  Crash diets that promise you will lose 10-15 lbs the first week do NOT work!
  • They set reasonable goals, such as losing just 10 percent of their weight, as a start.  Personally, I recommend for people to set goals regarding actions vs results.  Don’t demand your body respond, but set a goal that you will do certain things and watch your body respond by getting lean!  Make a healthy plan. Stick to it. And, watch yourself transform!
  • They accept an occasional lapse rather than aiming for perfection.  I wish I had known how normal it is to fail on my contest diet and “cheat” b/c I would have beat myself up MUCH less during that process!
  • They view weight management as a long-term commitment.  Anytime someone waits for the end of the diet or plans to change their behaviors once they lose the weight, they will gain the weight back.  The goal is to make permanent changes in your diet and exercise routines, rather than being on a “diet.”

Note about profiles – I used to HATE my profile in high school. I hated my nose. I was certain that as soon as I turned 18 I would get a nose job! Funny how things change!!!!  I love my nose now! Why? Because it is part of me!  What would I look like with a different nose? Not like me!  Thought I’d share….

Resource: Personal Nutrition

Layla - TEACH ME. I want my thighs/butt to look like that. They look NOTHING like that. My fault, all my fault. But I want them to.

tori - @Layla – Keep reading! I hope I can teach you!! 🙂

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