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get lean | what do your pants say?

My skinny jeans that became huge in the waist during contest prep this year

I have spoken before about my history with feeling out of control and struggling with an eating disorder.  I talked about it in my interview with Kelly Olexa. I overcame that by learning how to eat and exercise for health, fuel my body and take care of myself. I learned how to have control over my weight the healthy way!

I am a tall girl so my weight is high.  On stage I was 143 and about 15.5 – 16% body fat.  For my height, I should weight 138 according to BMI and weight charts – they do not account for muscle!  They are wrong! At 138 I’d be around 13% body fat, I believe so great for the Figure Stage but not maintainable or healthy.

Do you weigh yourself every day? It has been said that people who weight themselves often, sometimes daily, have the most success with weight loss.  During contest prep, when trying to lose fat, I weighed myself ever morning. It helped to keep me on track. At night instead of eating ice cream, I would remember that the scale would reflect that ice cream in the morning. Did you know that your weight can be 5 to 10 pounds higher due to water??!!

I haven’t weighed myself like this since the contest though because I can get obsessed with the scale and  let it make or break my day!  I would get on the scale in the morning and if it was a low number I’d be happy!  But, I’d also think in the back of my head that I could eat a little extra…it’s ok.  BAD!  Or, if it was high, it would ruin my day. I’d feel horrible about myself and all of my recent efforts.  Often it was high because I was retaining water.   But, I let that number determine how I would feel about myself that day!  Crazy, right?

After the contest, I started to use my pants as a gage.  After all, we don’t really care how much we weight, right? We just care how lean and fit we are!  And, we know that muscle weights more than fat. We just want to fit into our jeans. We want our waist to get smaller!  Now, when I’m trying to diet or maintain, I’ll try on my “scale” pants. It’s the size I want to be and stay and I’ll try those on to see how I’m doing.

How often do you weigh yourself?  Do you let yourself get obsessed?  Do you use your pants or a scale to let you know when it’s time to cut back?

Chelle - I weigh myself once a week -every monday morning. I know ‘scale weight’ isnt the be-all end-all BUT it does provide feedback to some degree….and when those damn numbers go UP (usually water weight!) i try to not let them play havoc with my mind lol… Clothes are my most important tool in keeping my body in check. When my shorty gym shorts are tight its DEFINITELY not a good sign!… Just curious, how tall are you?

Audra - I use the scale, since all my pants are way too big these days. I’m super paranoid about putting the weight back on!

anne - I admit I’m guilty of doing exactly what you said – letting that number make my day good/bad. Thanks for reminding me to let it go!!

tori - @audra – I know that feeling! I guess it’s better to be super paranoid than gain it all back immediately! Good luck maintaining. You seem to be too busy w/ those two little ones to have time to eat!
@chelle – I usually know based on what I’ve eaten if i’m retaining water….I say usually….and when I’m not in contest mode a couple of lbs doesn’t make or break me!
I’m 5’8” – How tall are you?

Sandi - I weigh myself after my workout everyday. It’s always at the same time since i workout over my lunch break. Recently I lost 5lbs on the scale and was excited…until I realized that my jeans fit the exact same way!

ashley - it’s habit for me to get on the scale every morning. i don’t let it make or break my day… but use it as a reminder that the extra serving at dinner isn’t always a good idea. like this post!

Chelle - I definitely retain water on dairy and wheat. So i try to avoid them unless its a ‘treat’ meal… I wish i was 5’8″, i’m 5’7″!;-)

tori - @sandi – you probably already know this but be careful weighing yourself after workouts to find out if you’re gaining or losing weight….that is usually more to find out if you’re rehydrating enough during your workout. That day you were 5 lb down, you were probably a bit dehydrated!

@ chelle – good tip!

@ ashley – I agree with you ashley!! you have a GREAT outlook! i think that’s why you see such great success with your physique! you rock!

Angela - i weigh myself a few times a week. for me, it’s not a big deal. i don’t get emotionally involved, it’s just a tool to know where i’m at. unforunately, i can’t use my pants as a gauge because i habitually buy them too big!
love your blog, btw, looking forward to reading more 🙂

MB - WOW! What an incredible story you have. I’m going to have to come back and catch up on all you’ve accomplished.

My pants used to say “are you kiddin’ me, I can’t fit all that in here” but now they say “hello old friend, nice to see you again.”

Jenn (GH) - I weigh myself on average once a week. Like you, I use my pants more of a scale.

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