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2010 goals revisited

I’m a little late with this since July (the 7th month of the year) is almost over, BUT this year has flown by!  So, it’s PAST time to revisit our annual goals and see how we’re doing!  I want to reassess….what can I check off my list?  what can I take off my list? what can I add to my list?


  • Blog every day to every other day…inspiring and sharing
  • Stay in touch w/ my blogs using NetNewsWire
  • Update our budget/transactions on daily — NEW!
  • Finish my masters degree (by Thanksgiving)
  • Continue working on organization & simplifying my life & home (one space at a time)
  • Continue with health and nutrition as my #1 goal for my diet
  • Work out every day to every other day to stay in great shape for pregnancy
  • Read through my fertility/pregnancy books and maybe get to first year baby books
  • Start shooting in RAW and working with my new Canon DSLR & new Adobe Photoshop

How did I do on my 2010 goals so far?

  • Get and stay more organized —- Work In Progress
  • Compete by the end of the year —- CHECK
  • Read all of my pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and baby books —– Work In Progress
  • Work on maintaining weight and eating a healthy pre-pregnancy diet —- Work In Progress
  • Learn about my new camera and Photoshop — Work In Progress
    • I just started shooting in RAW yesterday!  🙂  I’m finally finding the time and patience to really work on this so you should see some gradual improvement with each post as I work on my photography!
  • Complete my Masters Degree by end of 2010 or Feb 2011 — Work In Progress (projected for Nov 2010)
  • Blog more often…INSPIRE OTHERS!!!  —– Work In Progress…you can be the judge of that! 🙂
  • Keep up with reading my favorite blogs — Work In Progress
    • I switched from using my “Mail” app to using NetNewsWire for Mac and I’m liking it so far!

I’d say that’s pretty good…..NO FAILS!  Although if there were it wouldn’t be the end of the world! Life is a journey! If we are meeting all of our goals, are we making hard enough goals for ourselves? Are we really challenging ourselves?

How have you done so far on your goals for the year?   Can you add or delete some?  Have you changed and decided some things aren’t important to you?  Have you found a new passion?  Can’t wait to hear!!!!!

Kate - I like this idea. I may copy on WK :)! Your goal orientation and preparation are always inspirational!

shawna - YAY! We need to have a photography weekend pow wow. 🙂

Kelly Olexa - Way to go on goals girl!! I’m all about keeping the goals front and center and then sharing them as you are…..accountability makes it all COUNT!!

tori - @Shawna – maybe that weekend in Aug 😉
@Kelly – I’ll be emailing you again tomorrow….Thanks for the cheering section! Love it!
@Kate – do it! We all need a reminder to look back. It’s funny how in Jan we all talk about goals and we don’t talk much about them again until Jan rolls around!!

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