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Habits and Update

Today, August 23, 2009 about 8 p.m.

I have been lazy lately with blogging….I’m sorry!!! I took this photo an hour or so ago and thought I’d at least give you a bit of an update. I have been wondering lately if what I’m doing now is becoming a habit or if I’ll be so sick of it next year after my comp that I’ll rebel and go back to my old ways…say it ain’t so! I really hope this is becoming a habit for me.

I can see me later in life with kids, packing up my lunch and snacks and packing up lunches and snacks for my toddler(s) to go out on the town for the day. We’ll see. I hope that I don’t make my kids crazy with all of my obsessions and preoccupations about weight. That’s a topic for another day…moms who have any advice about this….please share!!!

Still truckin’ along on my plan with cutting. I’m seeing changes, slowly but surely. Erik has me with no cheat meals for 2 weeks to try to see more results. I really think my cheats were affecting my results. I decided to change my mental theory on them. Rather than planning for them all week and really feeling like I deserved everything I’d craved ALL week in one sitting, I’m not planning a cheat at all, but rather waiting until I truly crave something and if on a training day (a day I can have carbs) and it’s been at least a week….if I truly cannot live w/o it…I’ll have a CONTROLLED cheat….really truly controlled!!! This is a work in progress for me! But, I’m doing better and as I always say…life is a journey!

Those of us who do this are crazy, yes, but motivated and we keep our routine day in day out, week in week out, month after month, some year after year. I think that exercise is a part of my life now that I could not live without…well, I should say lifting….I can probably live without cardio. Though I think I will get a bike during or after this comp and may enjoy road biking…we’ll see. I hope that this diet will also be part of my life after this comp. It is quite easy to keep it up…maybe with a little bit more relaxation and some family dinners that aren’t on my “plan.”

MY BACK – It’s getting better though it’s not totally better yet. I had an xray and found out it’s musculature, so glad to know there’s nothing wrong with my spine or discs!!! But, as you all know, sports injuries take time to heal and I’m working on healing right now. It just takes time and Erik has been great about adjusting my workouts to do what doesn’t hurt for the time being….don’t get me wrong….my new workouts are kicking my BUTT!!! WOOHOO!!! LOVE IT!!!

Keep up your routines and make them habit!!!

Oread - Wow you're looking really great! Awesome progress those muscles are really starting to pop!

redhead75 - You look so happy and fit! I don't take cheats because they just aren't necessary really. I live a healthy lifestyle so if i'm gonna splurge it will be an extra tbsp of PB in my oats 🙂

I'm telling myself this about the cheats but after my show you better believe i'll be eating some chocolate and bread LOL!

Becca - Hey Tori! Thanks for the update pic. I can def. see the changes in your arms and shoulders!

I know, I worry about the same things you do, (driving our kids insane or making them mental about food/weight issues)…I am going to try so hard not to be that way, hopefully they will just learn healthy habits from Tim and I, and retain them in a good way…

Cheats def. slow the progres down. For each cheat (say 1,300 cal meal) you have just taken in what may have taken you 3 days to burn or omit from your diet. I will be cheating once a week to maintain, or little bits here and there, but either way a plan is needed. I DONT want to gain back all this weight after this show like I did last time!

IKeep up the good work!

Melissa Cunningham - awesome progress tori! agreeing with becca here about the cheat meals…..
AND also when it comes to kids and our obsession with nutrition-my advice is to simply let your healthy lifestyle serve as an example to your future children,so that they will pick up on healthy habbits-DO NOT stress nutrition from the view point of "junk food will make you fat",but rather "healthy foods make you strong and grow big,and helps give you energy to play"…..i used to be the health nut mom who wuold NEVER let my son eat anything processed, or anything with sugar or anything i didn not make myself for him-i packed all his meals to day care and everyone thought i was nuts bc i was so anal about this…..then i had my daughter and my line of thinking changed..i did NOT want my kids growing up thinking that food was an enemy,i did not want them to have the same body issues i did and obsessions with food control….SO now i am still a health nut mom,but not to the extreme like i used to be,my kids know that apples are better than candy and that water and juice is better than sugary drinks/ie koolaid and sodas (which btw my kids have NEVER had a tastes of that) and yes they do have the occasional piece of cake,or hotdogs or pizza or a sweet treat,and they know that junk food is OK every now and then,but NOT everyday..they know the basics of nutrution from a sports view point,meaning they know how to eat healthy and how to live a healthy lifestyle…
SO i know i wrote you a mini novel,hope the info helps some!
keep up your hard work btw-your progress is looking great!!

ashley - you look great! i'm impressed you can do no cheats!! i do so well and then all of a sudden, i give in to all temptations. i must lack your will power! hope all is well with you! 🙂

Tori - Thanks so much for all of your comments! They are so helpful to keep my going and I really appreciate the tips from the mommies. I can't tell you enough how helpful that is to me. I stress about that when I think about having kids! Thanks so much!!!

I have weak moments like the rest of you…we all do, but my trainer said no cheats for 2 weeks so I'm sticking to it!!!

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