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Today is Toby’s 4th Birthday!!!

The pic to the left is a preview of our Christmas card.  Check back in a few weeks to read what his shirt says!

Toby was our first child. This is a tribute to our first child on his 4th birthday.

I figured…who doesn’t love cute puppy pictures??!!

You can tell by the photos and videos that he was our first child and we have loved him like he’s our kid…yet still a dog.

He’s such a great dog we haven’t gotten another….we’re scared the next won’t be as good as him!

I only made it from 6 weeks [breeder pics] to 14 weeks with 32 photos!!!  Seriously!!! We have thousands of photos of him growing up and hundreds of videos.

Our neighbors have always kidded that they can’t wait to see us with kids because we got SO excited with Toby teaching him how to swim. The neighbors heads all popped up over the fences when we were screaming “YAY!” and “Good Boy!” when he was learning to swim. [Videos below]


Did you have a furry baby before you had a human baby?

Toby’s First Bath….

Toby learning to swim, first at 14 weeks, then at 5 months…

Kristyn - Love these pictures! Our pupper face is definitely our child =) Looking forward to finding out what the T-shirt says. Something tells me it’s REALLY REALLY exciting!!

Courtney F - Aw what sweet pictures of Toby! Happy 4th big guy!
We have two fur babies and they were definitely our world before we had our daughter. We still try to give them as much attention and spoiling as we can so they don’t feel slight by their human sister.

Amy - He is so precious! The videos made me smile SO big too! We have a lab & she is our pride & joy! (so is our other dog, a Lhasa Apso) So all we have are furry babies too!
Happy Birthday to Toby, he’s one handsome pup!
I’m thinking the shirt might say that Toby is going to have a human sibling soon!

tori - Thanks all!
I laugh when I look back at these videos to hear how excited we were!
I guess it’s inevitable when kids come along that they take a back seat, but what fun the house will be when filled with kiddos!!
I’m glad you all can relate!! 🙂

Toronto Girl West - I just love your fur baby pictures!!!!!!

And yes, we’re just like you. We have a fur baby that we love to no end. In fact, we’ve been known to refer to her as our puppy daughter since that’s honestly how we feel.

I hope he had an absolutely wonderful birthday!!! 🙂

Sara @ OurDogBuffy - Toby is beautiful, precious and adorable! What great photos!!

tori - @ Sara – same w/ yours! 🙂

Ashley@piesandpushups - LOVED this post! Toby is awesome! And Ob, my dog, is without a doubt my fury dog child. I think she makes great practice for when we finally have a baby that isn’t of the fury type…at least I hope and pray my actual baby won’t be fury. haha

Kathryn Frank - I love this post! I have a golden retriever too! They make such WONDERFUL pets!

tori - Thank you!! We love goldens!!!

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