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health-ify your recipes | Holiday Baking Time!

IMG_9785_snickerdoodle_fitori2[Snickerdoodles from BHG Cookbook]

It’s that time of year!!! I love to bake and I bake every year.  2010 has been a  year of a lot of baby steps and changes for us regarding our nutrition.  But, every year I bake some of the same things [cookies] and have had the same requests this year. Oh no! What do I do?! Modify!

We don’t like to eat bleached enriched white flour (or whatever it’s called) at our house! At. All. So, the first change I make to EVERY recipe is to add in Whole Wheat Flour for the white flour. Many recipes sub half and half. I don’t. I just sub it all.  You’ll want to use a teeny bit less WW flour for the white stuff!

Lard. Ew. I have tried other substitutions for crisco and nothing really seems to work but the organic shortening I find at the health food stores by Spectrum.  Subbing in other fats changes the consistency too much and the whole cookie is changed!  It’s not ideal, but it’s better than crisco.

Butter. Eat the real stuff! I’m a big proponent of NOT eating “diet foods.” I think the real stuff is better than the fake stuff. It just makes more sense to me, personally.  So, we made the switch this year to real butter from margarine.  And, I do this with all of my recipes.

Sugar.  Here’s where we have a problem. I have a hard time with this one. Refined sugar. Bad. Other sugars. Not that great.  Natural sweeteners. Better. So, with modifying recipes this one is tough and honestly, I often leave the refined sugar alone b/c it’s harder to sub.  Turbinado sugar is a great substitute but it’s consistency is different [it’s whole, not refined] so it’s hard. And, if you’re rolling cookies in sugar and/or cinnamon….doesn’t work.  So, here’s where I say….once in a while, it won’t kill ya! But, if you have a substitution idea that has worked, please share!!

The recipes on this post both came from MY FAVORITE OLD SCHOOL COOKBOOK, Better Homes & Gardens. I give it as a gift for most weddings and add my favorite recipe tabs on there.  The cookies are amazing and my banana bread recipe from here is ALWAYS a winner.  As the holidays go on and I bake some other favorites I will post them. I will probably be making my homemade bread [family recipe] later today that I am not allowed to share!  I would be killed.

I will be MIA for a few days enjoying the holiday with my family. They will be here in an hour! Can’t wait!  I’ll try to bring my camera along on all of our fun to take pics….we’ll see! I end up getting too wrapped up in the fun to take pictures of it! That’s a good thing I guess!


Liz - I use a “less processed” sugar by Florida Crystals. It is light brown in color, but measures and tastes like white sugar. It is processed, but not as much as white sugar would be.

Here is a great gluten-free cookie recipe:

1 egg
1 cup of sugar (I use less … 1/3 C sugar and 1/3 C light brown sugar)
1 cup of Peanut Butter (I use natural peanut butter, of course)

Mix it all together, and put on a cookie sheet. Bake at 350 for 12-15 minutes.

I LOVE anything chocolate and peanut butter, so I add chocolate chips to the above recipe.

Also, these do not rise or melt or really “move” at all while they are baking, so pat them down on the cookie sheet to the thickness and shape that you want them. Let me know what you think!

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