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Until we have our own kids, you’ll have to settle for my furry kid in my photos! 🙂

I had to post something to apologize for my lack of posting lately!  I am switching over my hosting from GoDaddy….sorry GoDaddy but there have been WAY too many issues with my page not loading. I’m sorry if some of you have experienced this! It has made me crazy!! During this transition, I don’t want to post because my posts may get lost and I’m not 100% sure about where my blog is during the process…so give me a few days!

I posted on my Facebook page about this…so if you’re not over there, “like” it and you’ll be up to date also!

I have some exciting posts coming up… a guest blog on another site, some great recipes, another fertility blog post or two and some new info that I’m currently reading for my Nutrition Certifications.

Even more exciting!!! I’m switching my logo AGAIN!  Already?! I know, I know. I jumped the gun with this blog redesign.  I have some changes that I’ve been working on.  So, if you see a new look soon when you load my page…you’ll know why!

When’s the kitchen reveal? I spent half the day today painting our kitchen cabinets. I’m still waiting on FIThubby to finish a few things in the kitchen before the big reveal and we’re waiting on a trim piece so  a week or two, or three 🙂  SOON!  I can’t wait to get some updated pics!

Stay tuned! Don’t give up on me! I’ll have some fresh posts as soon as my hosting is all switched over!

Toronto Girl West - Your fur kid is gorgeous!!!!!! 🙂

Since we acquired our own fur baby (just about a year ago), I’ve developed quite a fondness for puppies. And yours looks like a sweetheart.

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