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almost killed Toby :( | hot diggity dog

Toby, 3 year old Golden Retriever child

We took Toby for a run this morning.  We live in Louisiana so it’s hot, but we took him early. Well, evidently we pushed it a bit far for him. He was hotter than normal and had a hard time cooling down. My sweet hubby was worried about him and put him in the bathtub, put a fan on him and then we put a cool towel on his back.  By the time I took this picture his “near death experience” where “his life flashed before his eyes” according to my hubby (LOL…I’m chuckling again as I write this) was over and he was feeling fine….hence the doggie smile!  Can you tell we don’t have any kids?

I thought I’d share some tips to be careful with your pup since I know my readers are active and have doggies (some who need a little more exercise than others – you know who you are 😉 )who need to run.  My pup put on a few lbs while I was competing since I was too busy to get his exercise in every day along with my own busy schedule.  Anyway….

Look for the following signs of heat stroke in your dog….

  • Excessive panting;
  • Pale gums, bright red tongue;
  • Disorientation and your dog doesn’t respond to his name;
  • Increased heart rate;
  • Thick saliva;
  • Vomiting;
  • Breathing difficulties;
  • Collapse;
  • Coma;
  • Death

If you are truly concerned take your dog for medical care ASAP. If you think your dog is just a bit overheated, work to cool the dog by

  • drinking cool water but not too much
  • cool water on the dog’s chest will help
  • a cool towel laid over them (see photo above)
  • a cool fan and obviously a cool room

We chose not to torture ourselves or Toby with a rectal thermometer, but you can check to see if the dog’s temperature is over 106.

Margie - I’m so glad he’s okay! We were on a hike with our dogs a few years ago and our Great Pyrenees got WAY too hot. The water we expected to find on the trail was dry, so I ended up running back down and up the mountain (4 miles…) with more water for our hot dog. It is a scary feeling, especially with such a big dog!

tori - I can only imagine! Charlie was really worried. I thought he’d be ok. It’s amazing how the heat affects them differently when they can’t sweat!

shawna - here i thought you were going to go in to how gross hot dogs are. based on the title in my rss feed. heehee!

tori - Mission accomplished 🙂

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