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How are you with money? | Money & Health

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Suze Orman guest starred on The Biggest Loser a few seasons back and admitted that she can pick the winners by their FICO score!! What?! Think about it!!

The way you are with money is a huge predictor of how you are with food and exercise!!!  If you look at my past, you’ll see the same patterns for me!  My goal with money is to pay off debt…ugh! The dreaded American debt. Confession: It’s a huge source of embarrassment that we have any but we’re working hard to pay it off.  In the past though, I’d go on a really strict budget…reasoning that with debt I don’t deserve to buy anything! But, then there’s a point where that’s not realistic so I’d binge on my budget and splurge!  One step forward, three steps back. It was the same with my diet. I would be SO strict…ridiculously strict, like with my contest diet.  Then, once I hit my breaking point [ again, because that’s not realistic] I’d splurge/binge! This is not the way to live!

It was a great wake up call for me to recognize the correlations between money and diet/exercise in my life!!! I’ve worked hard in 2010 to change that and add moderation into both money and diet/exercise and it’s working better for me!  Giving myself a reasonable budget so I can still have some of the things I want…like my entryway rug [look at my pic to the left!] that gives me joy every day versus walking by and every day wishing  I had a rug in there…..while still paying off $x amount of debt every month.

We’ve made a very simple budget that works really well and we’re loving it and seeing more progress than with any other method so far!  And, with diet and exercise, allowing myself to choose life over a strict diet or exercise routine has been wonderful!  I’ve maintained my weight through months of trying to conceive and even the start of my pregnancy I’ve kept my weight within reason.  Allowing myself to eat “bad” things but in moderation. Allowing myself to be “normal” sometimes. And, most importantly, eating for health versus for the perfect body.

Pregnancy has been great for both money and diet/exercise for me!  A baby coming definitely puts things in perspective with money. And, I had to gain a few lbs to get pregnant. I had to use my body for what it was designed versus a tool for me to “look” good to the rest of the world. Who cares what everyone else thinks? I did. Way too much. And, now, being pregnant, the goal of taking care of my growing baby is more important than how I look.

Don’t get me wrong…I have a weight I’ll work toward getting back to after our baby is born, but not be sacrificing my health or happiness!! And, I want to look presentable and fashionable because that’s fun and that’s me…but it’s not who I am. I’m still just as cool in a sweatshirt and jeans or even [gasp!] sweatpants! 🙂

Get real with yourself….are your patterns with money and food the same? Want to share like I did? I’d love to know!!!

I know that money is a touchy and private subject, but we’re all working to do better and be better or we wouldn’t be reading others’ blogs!!

Laurie - My cycle controls my eating and money habits.

tori - Sorry to LOL but as a newly preggo woman I now realize more than ever how hormones affect us!!! 🙂 So, we should lock you up for a week every month? And, all during pregnancy?

Michele @ Healthy Cultivations - I agree 100% that food and money behaviors are related. When I started working on my food issues two years ago, that’s when my money behaviors improved too. I’m still digging out from the mountain of debt, but I’m not making things worse. I also agree that you have to give yourself some allowances both in food and money. Deprivation, even if short-term, is going to bounce to the other extreme and end in a binge/splurge. But healthy indulgences along the way help keep everything in balance. Really good post, Tori.

Tiffany @ Simply Shaka - I love this post! I am a frugal girl, into budgeting and reading finance books so this is a subject I love to learn and read about. I think people need to be more open about their debt-practically everyone has some in one form or another. I work for a bank where I have to look through people’s credit scores, assets, etc. and some of the debt they have absolutely floors me.

Me, I’m single with a good income job but my biggest fear is having to struggle how my parents are now, now that they are around the age they should retire. I don’t want to be older and still working my butt off since I work hard now and I am over it at this point. I put 12% of my pay away to my 401K and my employer matches 5%. I would love to sock away more but at this time with student loans and car loans, just can’t afford to. has been a great tool for me (and free!) b/c you can link your bank acct to it and it tells you where you money goes to each month (food, entertainment, etc.) It’s VERY eye opening. All in all, I am saving as much as I can right now and abide by a budget so I dont have to be working until I’m dead.

Sorry for the long comment, like I said, I love talking about this kind of stuff.

tori - Don’t apologize Tiffany…great comment!! I used for a while and still do a little. USAA (our bank) has gotten much better about allowing non-USAA accounts to be added so I can track it all there. I agree about the parents. Our parents weren’t taught what we were about finances and debt! We have so much to be thankful for w/ our amt of knowledge now about retirement!
I just had a great though about a friend of mine who uses a “budget” mentality for her diet! Didn’t think of it til now. She has X# calories for the day or week so if she splurges here, she has to save there. It works for her. And, I believe she’s the same w/ her finances!

tori - @ Michelle – great comment!!! So true!!! I’m glad to see that improving yourself in one aspect helped another!! Your’e so right about extremes and “healthy indulgences”…I really like that term!

Tiffany @ Simply Shaka - I definitely agree it correlates to calories as well now that I think about it! I track my calories and most days stick to a strict “budget” of calories but other days like a special event or wknd night, I may splurge and don’t fret over it at all!

tori - That’s awesome!!! Love smart girls like you, Tiffany!!!

Christa - Great post!! I never made the connection but it seems so logical now. I check my credit score like I check my weight! It’s something I want to be proud of and work to maintain! love Mint too. I used to check it daily not so much these days with two little ones at home. =)

tori - That’s too funny!!! I do too…I check the debt $#’s going down, the FICO score and the weight a LOT! 🙂 Great point!!!

Christin@purplebirdblog - I can definitely see the correlation between the two! I actually got into a lot of financial trouble when I used to drink a lot (sober now for over 3 years!!), and I’m still working my way out of it. I agree though, you have to treat yourself or it feels like all the hard work isn’t worth it! And I love that rug 🙂

tori - Thanks!! Congrats on your accomplishments!!! Rug from Target!! 🙂

tori - oh and i love it too!! (hubby hates, but i truly love. makes me happy to walk past this rug every day)

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) - Tori thanks for your awesome comments on my site…for some reason they always end up in my spam or mod filter but i always get them out later 🙂

I have debt for the 1st time in my life and posted about it in my New Yrs Intentions post. I intend to pay it off in 2011, for sure!

I love your honesty…and your spirit!

And the opening line in your prev post,nifty fifty, omg we have the same lenses 🙂

Sandi - i’ve gone through a lot of bad jobs since i gratuated college. i noticed that when i was not making a lot of money it was harder to eat healthy. partly because ramen was in my budget and fresh veggies weren’t. i also noticed that i was always depressed about money and my low-paying, awful job that i wanted the ice cream and candy. even now that i have a good job it’s hard to find the money to get the healthy foods sometimes.

Kristina @ Life as Kristina - This post is great-and I love the blog! I am actually trying to work on being more frugal bc I tend to be more compulsive at times!
congrats on all you’ve accomplished!

Amy - Great post Tori! I love your rug by the way:) I’ve actually almost bought the exact rug more times than I could count!
I totally agree that our weight & finances are aligned. I know when I am not eating right and not making time to workout that I am also spending more money on things that I don’t need, eating out, etc. It’s never something you can master, but it’s always something we can work on. Once I realize what is really bothering me then I’ll get back to the gym, eat healthier and I don’t feel the need to spend excess money on stuff I don’t even need!

tori - @ Averie – I have no idea!!! I just checked my SPAM and cleared out a ton of comments too from great girls! I don’t know why they’re in there! No wonder I like your pics then, if we have the same lens! 🙂 Thanks for all of your sweet comments!!!

@ Sandi – It can be hard to eat healthy w/ a limited budget!

@ Kristina – Thanks so much! You’re too sweet!! I”m always trying to be more frugal! 🙂

@ Amy – I knew I liked you!!! Anyone who likes that rug…I like! 🙂 After buying that rug I’ve found a lot of friends who have liked it or who have it….beware…my hubby does not like it. May cause relationship strife! 🙂 Great point “never something you can master” – as w/ a lot of things that we struggle with every day! I am so w/ you about not spending money on things I DON”T NEED!!! That was a big accomplishment for me!

Roz - Hi Tori,
I love the rug! And I’m very much of the same philosophy – moderation works best, in money and in diet. I refuse to live a life of deprivation, but am working hard as well to pay down our debt as well as drop some lbs. Great post, thanks so much!!!!

shawna [of styleberryBLOG] - Indeed… I love you just the same in sweatpants!!

tori - Right back at ya, Shawna!!! 🙂
@ ROZ – I feel ya!

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