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How to choose a gym

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There are a few great articles on regarding choosing a gym. Here are a few facts though for you to consider when trying to choose a gym to reach your fitness goals. They are numbered but re-rank them in order of what is important to you.

1. Location – If it’s too far away, will you go? Is it close to work or home? When do you go most often, on your way home from work or home? What if you change jobs or move?

2. Membership costs – What do you get for that cost? What are the initial fees? What are the monthly fees?

3. Cancellation Policy / Contact – What happens if you move? How long are you contracted?

4. Extra Services – Tanning included? Massage services? Hot Tub, Steam Room or Sauna? Nutritionist? Trainers? Smoothies? Protein shakes?

5. Hours – This was huge to me, because the limited hours were killing me on the weekends.

6. Classes – Do you love spin classes or yoga? Check for those classes at your new gym

7. Cleanliness and upkeep – Are the machines maintained for safety? Are all of the facilities clean?

8. Type and quality of equipment – Exactly the reason we are “leaving” our base gym (and many others left as well). Look at all of the equipment. Do they have what you need?

9. Crowding – Go at your usual time. If you’re a gym-goer at the busiest times of the day especially, go and make sure that you can get on the equipment at those times. What good is your gym if you can’t use the equipment while you’re there?

10. Ambiance / Atmosphere – It is true that the architecture and decor of any room makes us feel good or bad. Do you feel good there? Are you comfortable enough to get a good workout in EVERY day??!! Try it out. Do you WANT to go back?

11. Child care / Nursery – What age do they take babies? If you think you might have children during the time of that contract. Some nurseries take babies at 6 weeks, others three months! There’s a big difference when you’re trying to get back into the gym and lose that baby weight!

12. Membership demographic – This matters more to some than others.

**Always try out a gym before you join. I think you should work out for at least a week, on a normal week there to see how it works in your life**

Krissa - I worked for anytime fitness for a while…until the I realized the owner was a jerk.

I am glad you like your new gym. 24 hours is a huge plus.

I like the new layout of your blog. It looks very clean and crisp if you know what I mean. No extra fluff around the edges. Just info. Love it. I also love all the pics you post–motivating.

I agree with you–Jessica Biel has the BEST celebrity body hands down. She rocks. I think her body is ideal.

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