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I am days away from change… | motherhood

I found this video from a new friend’s blog. I love that our blog world is so connected that we can make friends that we’ve never met in person!  It’s the coolest thing!!!

This video is awesome! I am in a unique position (and many of you are also pregnant with your first child) of being able to learn from these other smart mothers in this video. They are sharing their lessons and it’s invaluable. It made me teary……hormones? becoming a mother? the song? Who knows!  I downloaded the song though. I love it now. How true!

My favorites from the video… [I had a hard time narrowing the list down!!!]

  • You are beautiful.
  • It’s ok to be scared.
  • She will have your eyes. [get the tissues!!!]
  • Forgive yourself.
  • Nobody really knows what they’re doing.
  • Google doesn’t have children. [teehee]
  • Take time to fit back in those jeans. [yes ma’am!]

What were your favorites? Did you buy the song, too?

What would you tell yourself right before you had your first child?

What would you tell yourself last year? before you got married? before you went off to college?

Jordan - Yess definitely downloaded it. LOVED it 🙂

joy - My favorites:
you will miss your mom
you will make mistakes
nobody really knows what they are doing
YOU are the expert
imperfect is the new perfect

Thanks for posting <3

Amber - that’s so sweet, thanks for sharing! Made me cry…and I don’t have the pregnancy hormones to blame 😉

La. - Awe, I thought it was wonderful! My favorite was something like take time to love your baby. I felt like EVERYONE told me I would just FEEL this AMAZING feeling with your new baby. But I felt like something was wrong with me when I’d been in labor for two days and I just wanted the nurses to take her. After 2 days she was born in the evening and we were exhausted. But the nurses were VERY put out that I wanted Gooner to stay in the nursery. I didn’t know who she was. At all. She definitely knew me though, and the love great from there!

Take others’ views with a CANISTER of salt. EVERYONE has an opinion. Take time to learn actual ADVICE from mere OPINION. For example, which diapers to use is an opinion. “Pampers are SO MUCH better than Huggies. They NEVER leak.” To actual advice. “Choose bright colors that will stimulate your babe, not necessarily match your home decor.” 🙂

Christin@purplebirdblog - I’m not a mom or going to be any time soon, but this was definitely sweet!!

Amy - Thanks for linking back to my blog:) Funny thing is I found the video on your BFF’s Facebook page!
Hope you are feeling good!

tori - Evidently I am behind reading her page! 🙂 ha!

Katy @ MonsterProof - Geez, got me crying, too. And I’m actually at work for once. Gah.

tori - sorry…didn’t mean to make you cry at work! 🙁

tori - Great advice!!! Keep it coming!!

tori - I think the song is to blame…it’s a tear jerker! I hear the crying “hormones” never really end after pregnancy!

tori - Love it!

Rach - Aww, I love this! So sweet! I especially loved the one about her having your eyes and the one about Google not having kiddos. Good stuff!

tori - Me too!!!! 🙂 We have the same favorites!

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