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I had an assignment this week in my Masters class to list 100 of my ethical beliefs in one-sentence statements.  They were supposed to be ethical beliefs and not personal beliefs, but I had a really hard time with ALL ONE HUNDRED!  So, I thought I’d share them with you and encourage you to do the same. It was a neat challenge!  (Please do not judge, criticize or fight with me about these since some of them are political and religious in nature.)

  1. I believe in God.
  2. I believe God is forgiving.
  3. I believe that God does not care what religion you are as long as you accept Him.
  4. I believe in love.
  5. I believe everything happens for a reason.
  6. I believe marriage is sacred.
  7. I believe cheating is wrong.
  8. I believe stealing is wrong.
  9. I believe honesty is the best policy unless it hurts someone’s feelings.
  10. I believe in the value human life.
  11. I believe in an eye for an eye.
  12. I believe there is something to be learned from everyone, even stupid or unwise people.
  13. I believe I am in charge of my destiny, though God has more control than I.
  14. I believe I can create the life I want.
  15. I believe that things are not of value, people and relationships are of value.
  16. I believe in being present today.
  17. I believe in being my own person and accepting myself and not trying to make others like me.
  18. I value others’ individuality and learn from it.
  19. I believe in following one’s passions.
  20. I value others’ beliefs and give them the same respect I ask for regarding mine.
  21. I believe it’s never too late…
  22. I believe patience is a virtue and I am still learning it.
  23. I believe life is short.
  24. I believe beauty comes from within.
  25. I believe no one is perfect.
  26. I believe we all make mistakes.
  27. I believe the world will not fall apart in my absence.
  28. I believe the moments, not the days in life are what matters.
  29. I believe I have the responsibility to live up to my potential in life.
  30. I believe it is necessary to learn from others we admire and always strive to be better.
  31. I believe it is wrong to envy or covet others.
  32. I believe knowledge is power.
  33. I believe everyone deserves respect, until they prove otherwise.
  34. I believe in practicing what I preach.
  35. I believe we all have our struggles.
  36. I believe in helping others in need.
  37. I believe in minding my own business when something does not concern me.
  38. I believe sometimes laughter is the best medicine.
  39. I believe dogs can make a bad day better.
  40. I believe life isn’t always fair.
  41. I believe in good manners.
  42. I believe in trying not to hurt others.
  43. I believe in empathy toward others.
  44. I believe good people should be appreciated.
  45. I believe in keeping an open mind.
  46. I believe in meeting deadlines.
  47. I believe in the importance of being reliable for others.
  48. I believe in treating others as I would like to be treated.
  49. I believe in treating others as they would like to be treated.
  50. I believe in second chances.
  51. I believe in watching someone’s actions rather than their words.
  52. I believe we have the time to be whatever we want to be.
  53. I believe in myself and you should believe in yourself.
  54. I believe there are no shortcuts to any place worth going.
  55. I believe life is hard.
  56. I believe life is fun.
  57. I believe life is what you make it.
  58. I value loyalty, but not at all costs.
  59. I value making your won decision once having all the facts.
  60. I believe in common sense.
  61. I believe we all change often.
  62. I believe we should accept and embrace change in ourselves and others.
  63. I believe in helping others change and grow.
  64. I believe sometimes you just have to do it, whether you want to or not.
  65. I believe that you aren’t setting good enough goals if you don’t feel like quitting sometimes or if you always meet every goal.
  66. I believe that sometimes the hardest things in life are the most rewarding.
  67. I believe that some things cannot be forgotten once heard.
  68. I believe men and women are fundamentally different.
  69. I believe we are all unique.
  70. I believe our unique gifts should be treasured.
  71. I believe that when one door closes another may open.
  72. I believe I can.
  73. I believe practice makes perfect.
  74. I believe in marriage.
  75. I believe in the right to life.
  76. I believe in treating people equally, based on their abilities.
  77. I believe I believe in picking yourself up by your bootstraps.
  78. I believe I believe in eating real foods.
  79. I believe in taking care of my body, as it is the only body I will have.
  80. I believe in living by example.
  81. I believe in living to inspire others.
  82. I believe we should all have equal chances to succeed based on our abilities and how hard we work to achieve our dreams.
  83. I believe in the right to keep and bear arms.
  84. I believe in free speech.
  85. I believe in our country.
  86. I believe a child needs two parents.
  87. I believe in doing what is right for my family, which may not be right for yours.
  88. I believe that success is, in part, making a living doing what you love.
  89. I believe that our education system in America is seriously flawed.
  90. I believe that obesity is a crisis in America.
  91. I believe that parents are killing their children by not educating them regarding nutrition and fitness.
  92. I believe our health care system is seriously flawed in America.
  93. I believe that our grocery stores are filled with 80% the wrong items to make a healthy nation.
  94. I believe fast food is evil.
  95. I believe in education.
  96. I believe in traveling abroad to experience other cultures and thus question our own.
  97. I believe in Heaven and Hell.
  98. I believe in holistic living and not taking medicines unless absolutely necessary.
  99. I believe in taking care of our environment.
  100. I believe in locally and organically grown foods, not industrial foods.

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Audra - Holy cow. I believe I could never come up with 100!

shawna - i really enjoyed reading these. very much.

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