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I need your help | What about me?

self portrait of FITori - wrong lens actually made a pretty cool pic!

As many of you know, I am redesigning FIToriBLOG again. You’ll see the new design soon!  It’s a really tough process to try to find a logo and design that captures I am and what I see for my brand, which essentially is me and what I want for myself and all of you. I want it to be feminine yet strong. It’s a tough process! I think we’re there.

I have included a sneak peak…

Don’t be surprised if one day soon the new blog looks something like this pic above!  I can’t wait!

I’ve been working on my About Me info for my new blog layout and remembered advice from that author of the book Operation Beautiful.  Her advice is shown below….

And, along with that, while working on my About Me info, I got this comment on a recent post.

Check out the grocery goddess jen!  Thanks for your comment, girlie!  It made me think…..

What do people want to know? How do I shorten who I am in such a small area, in a quick and easy to read section?  What will make them “like” me and keep coming back? In just a few words (I am long-winded) how do I share who I am, what I believe and why I am blogging.


HELP!! What part of my “story” resonates with you and with new readers?


Is it enough to tell you that TORI IS A….

wife  |  mother (to our dog)  |  daughter  |  sister  |  friend  |  full-time employee  |  Master’s Student (grad in Nov 2010)

FITNESS & NUTRITION student and enthusiast!!

Is it enough to ask you to join me as I….

take steps toward being healthier and happier  |  learn more about fitness and nutrition  |  start my business  | grow my blog and brand

Is it my FIGURE LESSONS post that helps you see who I am?  Is it my journey of how I got here that you need to know?


The last thing I want is for someone to open my blog and see my competition picture and think…

“she’s not like me” | “she must not have to struggle with her weight” | “this must be easy for her” |

That’s now what I want AT ALL!!! I struggle daily.  I will always have to work at being healthy and to maintain my weight. But, this is my passion and I want to share what I’ve spent years researching! I want every woman to have the tools to be happy with her body and her health!

I want to inspire you to take control of the things in your life you want to change and…change them!

I want to empower you with the knowledge you need to be successful at achieving your goals!

I want you to feel confident in your body, that it will stand the test of time and will give you the physical strength to live the life you imagined!

I want you to feel the freedom to get dressed without tears and anger and go out into the world happy with your body, whether regardless of what the scale says.

I want you to be proud of yourself and how hard you work every day and go easy on yourself when you slip up. We are human.  We are not perfect.

I want you to stop comparing yourself to other women and compare yourself to you.



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What About Me is most important to share?   (thank you.)

grocery goddess jen - Um, hello! You just wrote part of your about page right here in this post! You wrote what you want to do, and what you want people to know about you! You wrote it with passion and feeling and it was true and real! (Enough exclamation points for you? I’m just excited about your excitement.)

anne - My favorite part is this: “I want every woman to have the tools to be happy with her body and her health!” I love that you show your JOURNEY, that it wasn’t magical and didn’t come easy. And that anyone can do it if they set their mind to it!

sandi - i’ve know you for a long time…and i never really felt i knew who you were until i started reading you blog. i would never have guessed the person i went (briefly) to hs with, ran into at a KU party, and shared in the Garcia wedding with had eating issues??? you were always so confident and sophisciated and georgous! i think this post is wonderful and it does a great job telling who you are and what you are passionate about.

tori - @Jen – LOL! You’re right and you’ll see above on my home page (click on the logo in the upper left) that I added an About Me section and I used a lot of this text in it!!! THANK YOU!!!

@Anne – EXACTLY the feedback I needed!!!

@ Sandi – What a great comment! I guess you think you “know” someone but a LOT of women are hiding their true insecurities. I think that’s why women can be so “mean” to each other. We’re all insecure and comparing ourselves to others and think other women are judging us!

Thanks so much for your feedback! When you knew me in HS I didn’t have many eating concerns. I only remember a few minor times I was concerned about weight (and they actually came after dance camp) so maybe that was the start of it all for me. My true eating issues started when I moved from KS in HS and when you saw me at that KU party (where were we BTW?) I was at a “low” w/ not eating. It wasn’t until I moved to Denver that I got that under control and started to move past “unhealthy” weight loss tactics and when you saw me at LinZ’s wedding I was enjoying healthy eating and working out…I had discovered my passion for nutrition & fitness. So, maybe you only knew me at good times, before and after my true eating problems!!

Seriously, thanks for the comments, ladies and especially Sandi! I learned more about myself through your eyes today!

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