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I quit… | 2011 Goals UPDATE

WOW, does life [and priorities] change when you have a kid??!!! :-O

[iPhone4 pic. FITbaby is wearing Grovia Hybrid One Size with Biosoakers. First day to try them as a test for upcoming travel and they worked beautifully… though we didn’t have any large “deposits” so we’ll have to see about that!]

I started thinking about quitting my Project 52 until I have more time since this blog is not about Photography but about Fitness and I tend to spend the little time I have to blog just catching up on my Project 52! I want to add more fitness/nutrition posts…since that’s my passion and what you all read this blog to read about!!! SO, I’M QUITTING…project 52 to focus more on what this blog is truly about! 🙂

I hate to quit anything, but realistically there are times we (I) take on too much and it’s important to recognize that and re-evaluate priorities. So, next year or later this year, I may pick it up again, but for now….unless I want to quit this blog altogether….I have to trim the fat! 🙂 Bye, bye Project 52!

In my 2011 Goals post [in January], I covered health, nutrition, birthing, getting back into shape, money, staying a good wife, becoming a good mother to baby and Toby, business, blog, studies, photography/hobbies, etc.


  • Less is more.  Work on cutting down to a manageable amount of: magazines, emails, Facebook friends, stuff, clothes….Continue my process to further organize my life….home, computer, work, car, etc.

Work in progress!!! I have canceled magazines. Most of our stuff is in storage and will be for 3/4 of the year so I will definitely re-evaluate what I need when we move in the new house in Dec. My small pregnancy wardrobe has helped me re-evaluate how many and what clothes I need.  A few simple pieces. Add accessories. Throw away the crap. Done. 🙂 Computer needs work. New mommy-mobile (my new car) is much more organized. Life with baby MUST be organized or you end up with poop on your clothes…literally! 🙂

  • Project 52 on the blog…continue to explore and learn photography

Quitting 🙁

  • Workout at least 3x a week [when able] during and after pregnancy

FAIL!!! I started working a PT job along with my FT job. We moved…twice. And, it didn’t happen. Life got in the way of fitness and it’s my own fault that I let it happen! 🙁 Boo to FITori. I stayed active but didn’t do CrossfitMOM workouts as often as I wanted.  I was cleared last week to start working out again so now I have to find the time to add in workouts 3x a week again…..ready, set, GO!!! (JUST DO IT!!!)

  • Work on getting back into shape reasonably soon after baby’s born

Working on this. I have 5 lbs to lose to be pre-pregnancy. 5 more to lose to be at my comfortable weight. That’s considering that my “weight” will still correlate to the “look” and “size” I was pre-pregnancy. Who knows! I plan to keep eating healthy and start Crossfit. I want to build strength and let my body respond. I will start to “diet” if Crossfit isn’t getting me the results I want.

  • Continue with health and nutrition as my #1 goal for diet/exercise rather than vanity

WIN WIN WIN!!!! This is the first time in my life I am NOT concerned about how I look. (I just wish I had more clothes to wear right now! I’m not fitting in all my pants yet!) I have a bigger belly than I’m used to but I don’t look at it with disgust. I look at it as a temporary state and it brought me my FITbaby. It will go away! I’m sure. I’m not worried.

  • Finish all my baby, breastfeeding and birth books!

CHECK! Still reading but only on the issues we’re having like reflux, etc. And, reading on baby development now.  Currently reading the fascinating “Our Babies, Ourselves” & “Understanding Children and Adolescents

  • Stick to our new & working budget of $x per week per person

Well. Hmmm. Baby Stuff is expensive??!! I’m saving TONS of money by breastfeeding, cloth diapering and cloth wiping. Love all of those. But I can’t say I’m saving money anywhere else….except eating at home. I have gone over budget recently.

I need to find good budgeting software to keep track of my purchases better! I suck at this. Maybe I should increase my budget! 🙂

  • Pay off $x debt before baby is born

Check. And, work in progress to be DEBT FREE by the time we move into our new house! 

  • Grow my FIToriBLOG readership and start taking clients as FITori Consulting

Change of priorities. A wonderful opportunity to work from home fell into my lap and I jumped on it. I have a PT job that is allowing me more income that FITori would right away so I am focusing there. I love this new job, I just wish I had more time! 🙂 So, for now, FITori clients will wait. And, FIToriBLOG takes a back seat to a LOT of other goals & priorities I have!

  • Open up

On hold.

  • Blog at least 3x a week and keep up with others’ blogs approximately 2x a week

Back seat. This will wait. I will start trying to get a blog or two up each week that are GOOD blog entries with GOOD info on fitness/nutrition. I will stop blogging crappy Project 52 and useless blog posts! 🙂 I will have to work on my photography for those few posts to have a great pic to go along w/ those posts b/c every blog post needs a GOOD pic, right??

  • Complete at least 5 more Nutrition/Wellness/Personal Training certifications in 2011 (or before baby!)

Current tally…. (1) Nutrition & Wellness Consultant (2) Personal Trainer (3) Weight Management Consultant (4) Pre & Postnatal Exercise Specialist.  Next on the list….Children’s Exercise Specialist.

  • Keep Toby around 75 lbs all year

Looking good! Though he’s neglected in other ways! Poor guy. I didn’t believe it but he became…gasp… A DOG….when we came home from the hospital with our girl.  🙁 He’ll survive.

  • Figure out motherhood while also remaining true to myself and remaining a good wife.

My #1 Goal is taking care of my girl and my husband. That is a full-time job!!!  So, the rest has to wait. Next needs to come my work and household chores. And, then comes FITori and the things I do for myself. It all fits in there somehow and someway. This is just a season. Every day will be different. Every week and month will be different. I will get more work done some days and weeks and less others. I will try to get it all done and I will win some days and lose others. But, as long as my family is well cared for and loved, I am doing my job, right?


I am trying to remind myself every day that I don’t have too much to do…instead, I am ridiculously blessed with a wonderful family to care for and love and my life is filled with an overflow of wonderful people, hobbies & things I want to spend time on!!!! I am truly blessed. Now, if you can tell me how to find more time in my day…I’d love to hear!! 🙂

No new goals this time around. I have plenty of goals, priorities and hobbies.  I don’t need to ADD anything else to my overflowing plate!

Look back at my 2010 Goals & 2010 Goals Revisited posts to catch up on FITori!

So, how are you doing on your 2010 Goals so far???!!! Any changes? Any additions? Any subtractions?

Remember….if you’re always meeting your goals, you’re not setting hard enough goals!!!

Jen @ Little-Crumbs - It’s all good to re-assess your goals mid-year and prioritize. Fitbaby is too cute! I’m looking forward to the health/fitness posts to come, but I’m also curious on your cloth diaper/wipe reviews too!

Keep on Keepin on!

Michele @ Healthy Cultivations - No need to ever feel any bits of guilt or anything else that’s negative in neglecting the blog. Recently, I’ve taken on some new but temporary things in my life that leave me little time to sleep and do household things let alone develop and write blog posts. At one point, I was blogging seven days per week. Now, I’m doing once and sometimes twice. I considered stopping altogether until a comment was left at the right moment that reminded me why I’m blogging. She wrote that she had never thought about something the way I presented it and that it was an aha moment for her. It’s reaching people on that deep level that keeps me blogging. I’ve realized that blogging once per week with something meaningful to say is far better for everyone than either no posts at all or else writing crappy posts.

And I’ve always admired the way you can limit yourself to checking in on other bloggers just twice per week. I’m always struggling with that. They all show up in my Google Reader or e-mail, and I can’t help but read the posts.

So glad to hear you and your family are doing well. I look forward to following your blog no matter how infrequently you post.

tori - we are loving cloth diapers and I decided to do cloth wipes b/c I kept washing the disposable ones! I was sticking them on/in the diapers and they were getting washed. So, with the cost issue and the fact that it seemed easier, I decided to try and it’s way easier…AND her booty likes them better! 🙂

tori - I’ll blog about them at some point b/c I don’t sew and I found a REALLY cheap option! 🙂 Love it! And, I have a natural fabric softener to share also!

tori - Thank you! I have been feeling lately like my posts suck so why bother! Why not spend my time writing one quality post rather than trying to keep up w/ Project 52. And, as a faithful person I believe that comment was “meant to be” and I’m glad you listened to what it was telling you!!! I haven’t even checked in twice a week lately! Ugh! I’ve had so little time w/ a newborn and a move. I’ll do better soon, I promise!!!

sandi - I think you are doing awesome! You’ve lost more post-baby than I did after either of mine. I love reading your blog, useless posts or informational ones. I won’t stop reading until you stop writing! From everything I see you look like you’re being a great mommy. Can’t wait to see you in action!
As for my goals: I finished my Master’s, completed training at my work to become a real functioning member of the goverment, and have put my kids first. I’ve managed to keep working every day that I am at work to access the gym but the magical number hasn’t gone down. The thing is that I’m okay with that. Seriously I had 2 kids in 15 months, something tells me my body will never be the same again and I will just have to live with that!

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