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injury healing | my view from the couch

Thought I'd share what I've been staring at all week 🙂 ** Like my husband's tube sox and left over comp diet food?

I have a friend who had a pulled quad the other day and then I hurt my ankle so I thought I’d give a little info on RICE and some healing techniques for sports injuries.

If you have swelling or a sprain, strain, muscle tear or pull, the first course of action is RICE

  • REST. prevents further injury and preserves your energy for healing.
  • ICE . alternate 15-20 min of ice with 20 min off.  do not leave ice on longer than 20 min or you can cause skin/nerve damage.
  • COMPRESSION. limits and reduces swelling.
  • ELEVATION.  reduces swelling. raise above the heart.

Be careful using heat too early because you’ll increase the swelling.  Many people switch too early and can slow down the healing process.  I asked the doc about heat and she said not to put it on my ankle and that heat is really only for the back when it comes to strains.  Ask your doc.

In most cases it’s best to wait until you completely heal before you get back to your usual workout routine. I’m really bad at this and it takes me FOREVER to heal. I’m trying to be different this time and actually take it easy!  I’ll report back and hopefully have news that I healed really quickly!  Not looking good so far.

Any tips?

Audra - Maybe you can take up knitting? 😉

tori - Thanks! I got my nutrition certification books today! Keeping me busy, busy!

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