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INSPIRATION: Calendar 2009

I just ordered my calendar for 2009…a little late I know. I was trying to find one that would serve as a great inspiration calendar for my first year of competitions for my office. Oxygen magazine put out a great one in 2006 I think but they haven’t done one since that I know of. There are a few fitness pros that put out calendars but a lot of their stuff is ultra-sexy and I’m not looking for an exotic calendar but one with other fitness pros on stage to keep me motivated for my goal! So, I made my own. I used apple b/c I’m a mac person. It’s really eacalendar1sy and the quality is fantastic on those. It was almost $27 with shipping and tax. I also got an email this morning though that is doing a 20% off sale on calendars so if you’re interested in making your own….type in “calendar” at checkout.

- s h a w n a - - you are so motivated! i love it! keep up the good work!

Tori - Thank you! It is much appreciated coming from you.

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