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Inspiring others toward happiness….

I have recently discovered tea. I know, right? Seriously…now, at 27 years old? I know. Oh well, better late than never.  Have you checked out drinking hot tea?  Most of the herbal teas have 0 cal / 0 carbs / 0 protein / 0 sodium / 0 potassium….need I go on?  There are some with caffeine and some without.  We drink the caffeinated variety in the morning, switch to no caffeine during the day for a “sweet” treat between meals or after meals and then I LOVE my night time teas at night with chamomile to calm.  I’ve been sleeping really well with my cup of tea at night!

So….Yogi Teas are organic and I love them partially because they have cute little sayings on the end of the tea bag strings. Love that!  Check them out. They have a tea for everything…I swear!  They’re sold everywhere too…the commissary, Target, Kroger, the health food store.

The phrase I got yesterday afternoon was sooo me and I had to share with you that it fits me so well and spread the word….

“Inspiring others toward happiness brings you happiness”

So true.  That is my mission on this blog.  I hope to do that more after the show this weekend when I can start blogging more often. I have a HUGE list of topics I can’t wait to blog about – and recipes….oh what fun – healthy cooking and baking!!!

shawna - LOOOOOOOOVE this quote. I might steal it. 😀 You definitely do as the quote says!

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