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introducing FIThubby

I was reading one of my new readers’ blogs today…. where she talked about her family’s martial arts!  And, I realized….I haven’t shared last weekend with you all here publicly.  I have a private blog and a private FB page (for safety reasons) and I haven’t shared that my FIThubby is into MMA and specifically has been grappling and had a local tournament last weekend where HE WON ALL EIGHT MATCHES!!!

I thought I’d share a few pics so you all could meet him……. introducing FIThubby!!!

FIThubby warming up

FIThubby in action

FIThubby winning every match and laughing at me for being a proud wifey

shawna - yay charlie! though with that haircut, you look kinda scary :[ i know it’s for a good cause, but sheesh! p.s. nice pic org!

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