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It came in a box…

The Today Show had this story about what is REALLY in your diet food. I have a real problem with this and thought I’d share. The story talked about ALL of the people that are eating this food in order to diet. WHAT?! STOP IT! If you are eating these to lose weight…STOP IT! EAT REAL FOOD! QUIT EATING FOOD THAT COMES IN A BOX!

Take a look at the ingredient list to the left. I copied this from where they showed the ingredients and highlighted the “controversial” ones. This is from Weight Watchers Smart Ones Meatloaf with Gravy and Garlic-Herbed Mashed Potatoes.

I have nothing against Weight Watchers or these other companies that make these meals. They are trying to make low cal, low fat meals for people and PEOPLE ARE BUYING THEM, so they keep making them. There are definitely many worse meals out there – like fast food or other restaurant meals, BUT there are MANY better options for lunch or dinner.

Take the extra time on the weekends to precook some of these meals and have them ready to serve for dinner. Make 2 meatloaves on Sunday and Garlic-Herbed Mashed Potatoes and have them in tupperware in your fridge. You can use these same foods to take to work for lunch as well.  Watch your portions BUT IT’S REAL FOOD! Look at that ingredient list again if you are curious why you should eat real food! Enough said.

You don’t know what you’re getting when you buy a pre-cooked, pre-packaged, pre-preserved meal from a box!  You have no idea what is in there, well you know it has a lot of stuff you’ve never heard of before but if you’re counting calories, you can’t count on those calorie counts to be accurate.  BUT, if you cook it at home, you know!

You can look up every nutrition fact you ever wanted on real foods. They are all on the internet. You just google it.  You should get a food scale (but if you read my blog you already have one).  You can weight a portion or estimate it once you have weighed your food for a while. It’s part of a process of learning what the correct portion sizes are.  A few good sources for nutritional data are:

Your body needs fuel. Your body needs real food in order to fuel your workouts, your duties as a wife and mother, friend and sister, daughter and student. You don’t need “artificially flavored” i.e. chemicals produced to make your food taste like meatloaf. I will try to help you out with recipes (when time permits) that will help you get and stay lean. I will not sacrifice my own cooking and prep time to blog because my health and my family’s health is of the utmost importance to me!

QUICK TIPS: Use the grille when you can to eliminate extra calories from butters, oils and sauces. Grille a batch of your family’s favorite meat – chicken breasts, salmon, tilapia. Make a batch of brown rice. Have frozen veggies in the freezer or salad in the fridge. Do all of this on Sunday for the week and your family has healthy meals ready to go!

Food for thought: Why do you think these companies don’t list their ingredients lists on their websites????

ashley - I saw this on The Today Show and thought of you! I used to eat a Lean Cuisine for lunch almost everyday… one day I took the time to read the ingredients and saw the amount of sodium and I quit! Now, I look forward to packing my lunches the night before and I am much more excited to eat my homemade lunch than a frozen meal.

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