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kitchen remodel | pictures….finally?!

So, I posted here in August 2010 about our old counters going bye bye! Finally! Hallelujah!  We added new counters. We added a new backsplash. We added a new oven/stove and fridge.  And, we added new hardware. And, a fresh coat of paint. [We didn’t mean to do all that at once…it’s the dreaded snowball affect of home renovations!]

I posted this “sneak peak” picture above on a post in September 2010 and STILL haven’t shown you the finished product!!!  Why not?!

That’s why!!!! I’m still waiting on ONE outlet cover….and yes it’s been since AUGUST!!! I won’t go into the disaster that was the FIRST set of counters that are now gone….I might share that story later. Or maybe I’ll never speak of it again, because it makes my blood boil just thinking of it!

I am entertaining next week and I’ll have more than 20 people in my house and I HAVE TO HAVE THIS COVER ON BY THEN!!! So, I’ve resorted to calling daily! Daily!  It’s Wednesday.  I’m starting to get a little worried. I need this done by next Tuesday night. Next Monday is a holiday.  UGH!  I have to admit I took a month or so off from caring when I was in bed with nausea [1st trimester] but now I’m back! And, HAVE to have this done NOW! It’s one cover! AAAHHH!

My day today…Without boring you with details…today started out a little rough with a bad internet connection and then leading to a plumbing issue. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse……………the kindness of a stranger!!! Our plumber was awesome!! Made my day!!  Funny how that works! 🙂

I think I’ll be taking the night off from studying and the computer. I’m finishing my Weight Management course and almost done with my Pre and Post-Natal Nutrition course as well.  I feel the pressure to get it done now….probably just a channel for my anxiety.  But, I’m taking the night off and relaxing. I think I’ll clean a little….a clean house always makes me feel more relaxed! So, I’ll get back to you all tomorrow…well rested and happier!

I hope to have pictures posted next week of the kitchen!!! The house should be ready for my party on Tuesday, so we’ll see!!!

Have you a house remodeling disaster of any sort?

Do you ever feel the need to take the night off from the internet and veg? How do you relax?  Books? Movies? Bath?

Christin@purplebirdblog - I am madly in love with your countertops… they’re gorgeous!

April - I love those new stoves! That’s next on my list 🙂

I do take nights off now. I’m at a computer all day at work so sometimes that’s the last thing on my mind when I get home.

Michele @ Healthy Cultivations - I definitely take nights off. In fact, I’m working on a post that mentions it for next week. I think it’s crucial to just take time for ourselves… no technology. You name it — books, baths, hot tea, silence.

La. - I want to come cook at YOUR house! It looks divine! Since AUGUST??? How long does it take an outlet cover to be made? For reals. When we moved into our house in Nebraska the kitchen was made of TIN. No joke. Like I can’t believe a WOMAN actually lived there! It just doesn’t make sense to me at all! I LOVE before and afters so if you can get your blood to calm down that would be awesome!

tori - Thank you Christin – that was my hubby’s pick!!! I have to forever thank him for that!
@ April – The stove is still a pain to clean (wanted it b/c it’d be easier) BUT it’s better than the old kind where you had to remove the wire burners!
@ Michele – I can’t wait to read that one! Felt the need for a night off and bed early! Was divine!
@ La – Thank you!!!!! I will be posting before and afters SOMEDAY! I’m sure the problem is they felt like they were done w/ my job and moved on and I have had to keep calling and reminding OVER AND OVER!!! It’s getting old!!! I want that off my To Do list!!

Audra - Girl, just stick a flower arrangement or a picture frame or something in front of that outlet. 🙂

Roz - Look forward to the photos! The kitchen looks great in the pic above!!! Hope today is less stressful than yesterday!

tori - @ Audra – You can’t really hide it cause it’s on the breakfast bar area!!! 🙁
@ Roz – Thanks! Today started out w/ technical drama and tech support….love those days!!! UGH! Feeling overwhelmed lately!!!

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