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less wordy Wednesday | storing food

It’s the end of the year. I’m cleaning out my computer.  I found this old pic I didn’t share on 10.4.10 like I should have!

I always put a label on food when I make it…whatever dinner/lunch is or just for rice or whatever. I also put the date.

I find that my hubby tends to avoid containers when he doesn’t know what’s in them. So, less waste.

And, he will also eat things that are weeks old and say “it’s still good”…ew! [Hence the date on the label.]

10.4.10 – This night he was working late. I had dinner with friends. I put dinner away in the fridge, labeled, front and center. [Almost] impossible to miss.

Also, totally in love with the new super sticky removable labels!!!  Only a nerd like me would be that excited about new office supplies.

Find my Lemon Walnut Chicken [Salad] Recipe here.

Any secrets in your house for how to get the hubby and kiddos to eat what’s in the fridge?!

Christin@purplebirdblog - I love your handwriting! Very neat and pretty 🙂

Kristyn - Haha!! I dislike leftovers and Steve will eat
anything!!! So not a problem in our house 🙂 I love labels too!

tori - Mine will look in the fridge and see ‘nothing’ and order a pizza!!!
But if it’s labeled it helps!!

tori - Thank you!!! My BFF always jokes that her hubby thinks it’s too neat and he always comments when he brings in a letter or package from me. 🙂 I think it’s funny that we always see ourselves as different than others do b/c I don’t think it’s that neat! 😉

joy - So I saw your cute label and thought “wouldn’t it be cool if they made ‘reusable lables'”… after a quick search, apparently they do:

not sure if they are worth a darn, but, it might be earth-friendly… Who knows… Although, I suppose if you recycle the paper labels, it’s a wash 😉

Jenn (GH) - That’s funny. I’ve done the same thing.

Rachel @ Fit Fun and Fabulous - I’m the only on in the house that doesn’t dig on leftovers. My fiance eats them no problem!

What works for me is making a huge casserole of something and eating on that for a few days. I’m much more likely to keep eating that then an ugly half of a chicken breast or some wilted veggies. Gross!

Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen) - We love leftovers here. I like to reinvent them though so we don’t eat the same thing over and over again. I like that you label it. My husband would do this since he hates searching for the unknown in the fridge.

tori - @joy – Valid points!! We don’t have a recycler that comes to our house 🙁 Soooo wish we did!!!

Sandi - my hubby is faced daily with the leftovers or a peanut butter sandwhich for lunch. so…the leftovers get eaten! if it’s in the fridge he’ll eat it, so i have to make sure all the old stuff is taken out. i’ve thought about labels since a lot of our containers aren’t clear, but when your fridge is as packed as ours they just fall off or get stuck to the wrong thing.

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