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May 22, 2010 – NPC Optimum Classic in Shreveport, LA

I thought this pic was kinda cool.  I took it the other day when I was trying to take a pic of my straight hair after I had my hair cut and colored. I had my 50mm lens on at the time and I had to change lenses before taking this pic of my self, by myself, without my tripod. I like having a pic with my posts, so I added this pic without changing it. I thought it was cool….

So, I set a date!

May 22, 2010 – NPC Optimum Classic – Shreveport, LA

If I’m not ready by that date I’ll do Bikini rather than Figure but I hope to be ready. I’m about 15 weeks out so I hope that’s enough time.  I’m ready to get my first competition under my belt!  This one is local so it’ll be easier than traveling.  It will be tougher in some respects b/c I’ll have to do the tanning and makeup myself.

Oh well. Date set. Decided. Can’t wait!  I’ll update my progress pics next Thursday!

Meghan - Hooray! I’m so proud of you!! Hot link the competition so I can check it out! Wish I was in the area to come out and support. I can’t wait to see how awesome you do!

Nikki - Tell you what–if I do this show too, I’ll do your tan/make up if you help me do mine! 🙂 And again, I’m so proud of you for setting a date!

tori - For sure girl! I think I plan to have Charlie spray me if you’re not here to help! Or a local friend who’ll be competing (I know a few).

Meghan…I’ll link it but it’s such a small show and SO far out in the season that there isn’t any info on it yet really!

Meghan - Cool! Thanks!

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