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yes, I’m telling you to steal | movie popcorn

It’s not really stealing. I’m telling you to avoid all the foods at the movie theater and smuggle in your own, healthy foods!

It’s Friday.  How many of you will be going to the movie theater this weekend? I hope to!  BUT, I will not be eating movie popcorn!

Regal cinema says their popcorn has around 1000 calories and 3 days worth of FAT!  It most likely also includes TRANS fats.  Yuck!

So, take a chance and be weird like me!  Take your big handbag and fill it with food!  I have 100 calorie packs of candy for our friends…I’ve been doing this for years…even before my health crazies got as far as they are now.  Now, I pop my own popcorn and take it in my purse in a ziplock bag.  I often take grapes or snack sized boxes of raisins.

I know, I’m advocating cheating the system.  Yes, it’s great to save money.  (I am cheap…really cheap!) But, your health takes precedence!  Don’t apologize for or sacrifice your health simply because everyone else is eating crappy, unhealthy food!

Popcorn, when air popped and chosen without a lot of butter, is a great low-calorie snack!  Often it’s around 100 calories a serving and around 200 for the entire bag!!!   It is filled with fiber and should help you feel full for a while and takes a while to eat so helps if you have “the munchies.” (My favorite is kettle corn.)  *Remember to add protein to your carb to help it digest slower*

During contest prep I took my whole cooler and a gallon of water in with me.  I ate fish and asparagus and drank my water 🙂  So, you can eat healthy snacks this weekend at the theater!!!

What’s your favorite snack to eat during a movie??!!

ashley - I did this last weekend! Brought my grapes, Larabar and water! And agree… I am not trying to cheat the system by not paying for the food at the theater, there are just not healthy options!

Kim - It’s a great alternative, especially for the kids. I fill up my backpack full of popcorn filled ziplocs! The theatre popcorn makes me feel like a big grease ball too…never did like it much!!

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