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MUST HAVE: Coolers, Cooler Packs, Tupperware…

IMG_3159Today, I had to go out in the field for the day, so I packed my meals and yes, I ate them cold…true dedication. 🙂 I honestly never thought I’d do that!! Never!! I have coolers of all sizes and I think you should too; that’s why I’m doing this post. This wasn’t enough space to put all of my food for the day so I packed my snacks in a separate, much smaller cooler. I love the cooler/freezer packs. They work really well…

I have coolers of all sizes. I travel with my job so when I’m gone for a week, I have a really large cooler I pack with all of my food, all six meals a day. I know some of you will be faced with a time where you have to go out of town, for the day or the week and you can be a freak and take your food or you can be “normal” and eat like everyone else…looking and feeling like everyone else. I plan for a “free” day so that I can be a bit normal at times, but I don’t want to be “normal” because I am not average…I am exceptional. I feel I have been given the gifts to be great at whatever it is that I choose to do or have the drive to do. I don’t let myself give up or go easy on myself because I feel like I have to give it my all if I’m going to do something. The post about being average is for another day….

As I’ve said before on this blog, with the up’s of working really hard, I usually fall down and fall off the wagon at times as I’m sure all of you can relate. I HOPE this time will be different. I realize that for it to be different I have to remember that the fight is never over to be better, work harder and live a healthy and happy life. For me, I have to be in shape to be happy and to feel healthy and to get the most out of life. I thank you all for your help with this and I didn’t mean to get into a rant about all of this with the cooler.

MY POINT is that this all takes planning. If you plan your meals on your “diet” days then you will not get the chance to think about how hungry you are and WHAT you want to eat, just that it is TIME to eat again and you’ll go to your cooler for your next meal. It is important not to get too hungry or you may lose your willpower to eat right.

Cooler and water in the front seat with me

- s h a w n a - - why that is a beautiful coffee mug! wherever did you find such a thing?!? teeeheeeheeee…

Tori - Funny….that’s one of the best gifts ever!!! A very special person gave me a very thoughtful gift


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