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MUST HAVE: Food Scale & Measuring Cups


1015stainlessFoodScaleIf you’re eating healthy and still not losing weight or you’re just not sure how much to be eating…or if you’re just like me and you’re OCD and need specific directions at all times to follow….MEASURE YOUR FOOD!

I LOVE my scale, it’s above. I can measure in grams or ounces. It’s helpful because some fitness gurus use the metric system so I can measure in both. I would have no idea how much 100g of yams is without my scale.

If you don’t want to use or buy a scale, just use a measuring cup when measuring out your carbs. You can have as many green fibrous carbs as you want. You should be eating a palm-size piece of lean meat. The carbs though is where I see people using heaping spoonfulS of the rice or pasta…..SO if you’re going to do nothing else, grab a measuring cup and measure out 1/2 cup of wheat pasta or brown rice tonight 🙂

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