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MUST READ: Body For Life

body for life fitness nutrition
This was my first book on nutrition, exercise and health and it’s the BEST book on the subjects for those who are seasoned as well as those who are just starting out. It is extremely motivating and it gives the tools necessary to DO IT! There are tons of people who have done it…what better way to convince yourself that YOU CAN DO IT??!! The information on HOW to do it, both including exercise and nutrition is in this guide.

Jodi Lane - I’m a big reader too! Especially when it comes to fitness/bodybuilding! Another book you may check out is “Eating Right 4 Your Type” It’s all about specialty diets for your specific blood type. For example, I’m Type A, and they recommend that we eat more veggies and reduce the amount of protein but still are able to gain muscle this way. IT WORKS FOR ME! 🙂 I liked reading it, it was mega interesting!

Another cool thing I’ve learned is about the different types of muscle fibers and how to train to specifically target the ones that you have more of. I have more fast twitch fibers, so I train heavy with low reps to gain muscle…it works like a charm!!! 😀

Take care girlie!

Tori - We are the same in our quest to learn about this stuff…I just wish there was more time in each day! I should read about the blood types. My husband and I are both O and know that the book says what we already know about ourselves…protein, no carbs for us! I should really read the whole book though.

Any good ideas on references to read about muscle fibers? Any ideas on natural supplements for me to help build? Do you recommend creatine? I’m only taking protein, L Glut and L Carnatine now. But, I think I need to supplement more.

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