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My Figure Suit!!!

Definitley could have taken a better pic of my suit but oh well….here it is! No time from now until the show and after the show you’ll get pics of ME in the suit!!!

I love this suit. It’s a masterpiece!  It’s stunning!

Thank you Merry Christine for such amazing work!!! She is a suit designer to the pro’s and was SOOO incredibly kind, helpful and encouraging to little ‘ol me!!

Yes, Brooke, the sizes go by cc’s for the tops!  When you get this lean your boobs are gone. I had to get all new bras and I NEVER anticipated that I’d lose that much boob. 🙁

Stay tuned after May 22 for pics of me in this suit…..only a select few of you will see the progress pics in this suit. The rest of you have to wait for the whole package on May 22!!!

Oh, and I think I’ll do Bikini also since I’ll be there and I might as well. I got this suit from Flirt Catalog.

I don’t have the boobs for Bikini but oh well (neither does she). I can’t get those by May 22 and don’t want to.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about google IFBB Pro Bikini and you’ll see the winners!

This is the lean body I’ve worked for and I’m proud of it, every inch of it, all the imperfections and even the small boobies 🙂

So if you don’t like it, you can kiss my a$$!!! 🙂

Meghan - When you hit this next stage of your life you’ll be amazed at the amount of boob you’ll gain. Just hang on to your current bras, you’ll need them when you’re done nursing 🙁

tori - Yes ma’am….VERY excited about that!!! 🙂

shawna - ohhh yes! the growth, fullness then deflation is quite amazing!

tracy - what i would do for small boobs-im so over the back pain of D’s and i agree, next stage of life will bring the ever so amazing & constant transformation of your rack.

tori - Thanks Tracy! I love love love that perspective. Shawna has always been great about reminding me that I can wear certain things that big-chested girls cannot. And I thank her for my positive perspective on my small (and ever smaller) chest. 🙂 So many girls around me in the Figure world are getting them and/or have them and think we all should – not me! Not now! I’m happy with mine just as they are 🙂

Becky - I can’t wait to see your competition pics! I am so proud of you and kinda jealous! I wish I had your drive. We need to chat so I can pick your brain on how to get through some of the hard times. 🙂

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