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My Hair Throughout the Years

I have a friend from college who did an album like this and it was the coolest thing!! I wanted to do the same, but as always, I’d LOVE feedback from you ladies!! What do you think on length and color? I’m thinking I need to keep growing my hair out for my competition next year. I also think that with a tan on stage, that blond will be the best. I also plan to stick with my curls on stage, because that’s me! What about with my pale skin??!!! Should I stick with my natural color or add some more blond? I added some blond but feel like I need to add more blond to make it show up with my curls. Keep in mind the tan vs pale differences when critiquing the images!

Middle School….

High School….


Engagement and Wedding….
2005 through 2006….

2008, BEFORE I cut my hair….
2008, AFTER I cut my hair….

Becca - I love the blond! Dont' change it. It looks good in all the pics but I really liked the long curls!!

Stacey - I agree with Becca! and this was a very cool post 🙂

The Ratcliff's - my fave is the wedding day hair. and i havnt seen you in person since the last HS hair pic!!! i love you as a blond too!!

Ali - Hey Tori- so much fun. I wish I could do the same.. and for that matter wish I had your awesome HAIR girl! But I like them all, can't decide, but love the wedding day hair. I love the short because you remind me of my favorite tv person, Felicity, but I agree, longer for competition may be great too. I say grow it, highlight it, experiment, see what happens. Some help I am!

Ali - WAIT – Okay, sure of it. I like the February 2008, you are tan, the hair is darker blonde but with highlights, and I think that color combo would look BEST on stage and accentuates your curls… if you are light light it kind of washes you out. I know they added lows for me for stage so I wouldn't be too light… we have time though, right? Later chicky!

Tori - Ladies…thank you!!!! My problem is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my hair short and my husband and everyone else does not…seriously everyone has said 'why did you do that to your hair' but I LOVE IT! Not only is it easy but it feels like "me"….hope that makes sense. It just feels like me! the long hair doesn't. But, I hate hate hate the growing out period! I want it long or short and it doesn't work that way!! So, I'm growing it out so I can try it long again and I think long for the show will be more feminine. Thank so much for the input! I appreciate all of the feedback and welcome more!!!

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