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My Kirby…ooh aah


This post is about my Kirby.  I love it.  No, I did not pay retail for it. No, I did not buy it from a door-to-door salesman who would not leave.  Disclaimer: My next door neighbor is the owner of the Kirby Distributorship for this area.  Regardless of how I stumbled upon this wonderful machine, I love it!  Here’s what I did with my evening and saved the money from a Stanley Steamer carpet cleaning.

This is what happens when you have FIVE dogs in the house over Christmas break (yes, payback is a bitch!) and you used carpet cleaner and every time a dirty paw walks across the living room the dirt STICKS to the floor!  And, this is also what happens when you put IVORY carpet in a house…who does that??!!

Yes, this is the way my carpet is supposed to look….I LOVE CLEAN.

Now, let’s walk into to the hallway….

Yes, my friends, that is puppy pee.  One of the dogs was a young pup. Luckily she only weighed 6 pounds so the amount of pee on the carpet was not too bad!

Renee Booe - Hey Tori. Love the new blog! Can’t wait to read it regularly.

tori - You rock! Thanks! I can’t wait to actually understand your blog…hopefully soon!

Leanna - Hey Tori. Love your blog! You look great! We got a Kirby in the Fall, and LOVE IT! With 3 kids, 2 dogs, and 1 cat we needed one. And it rocks.

Anne - WOW!! That is freakin amazing! My parents have a Kirby (it’s old) and I had no idea you could steam clean the carpet with it!

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