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Nike Butt ads –

I love this series of ads that came out in 2005, I think. When I found them there were women who commented about how they are “real women” ads, but I don’t think so…I think they are real HARDWORKING ATHLETIC women ads. The women in these ads work hard to look the way they do. Which one suits you the best…the butt ad is definitely my ad 🙂 I dig the Thunder Thighs ad except for the running…I’ve never enjoyed running. The shoulders reminds me of Shawna b/c she’s a swimmer and now totally into yoga and the buffest pregnant chica I know!!!

- s h a w n a - - you’re so sweet! Indeed, these dang shoulders took a lot of work in the water to get…and I will never look petite because of them, but i love them. Especially when light is shining from above and they look even buffer! To me they = strength!

Jacey - Love these ads! Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

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