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Nursery Furniture Ordered!

So, we finally purchased something for baby!!! 🙂 Well, we purchased half and it’s ordered! 🙂 Step one complete.  Even though we won’t be setting it up right away, it feels good to have ONE decision completed!

I shared with you a few weeks ago that my plan was a Tiffany Blue color on the walls (or a wall) and hot pink accents. Maybe a white “bookcase” in the cube style for storage?  Check out my inspiration here.

I do really do love the white accents with the Tiffany Blue but I also love the idea of a crib that will grow with her into her childhood bed and we just love real wood, versus painted wood.  Here’s what we picked out. It was HALF OFF!  And, it’s great quality.

We’re thinking about this bed in “Merlot” [color in the top pic…the darkest wood they have available] which I swear isn’t too red!  It’s more of an espresso color, but it does have a hint of red. We went back and forth though….every bed I found I liked came with the wrong dresser or the wrong color, etc.  We picked out the double dresser without the changing piece on top.  We are planning on getting the rails for the conversion now and maybe the trundle or drawers for under the bed in a year or so just in case they discontinue the color of wood in the future.  I love the idea of her having a trundle bed or drawers under the bed someday and this was the only brand that had that option!

This furniture set is really expensive full price, we think, but at half off it’s the same price as the other convertible crib sets we were looking at.  We know that there are definitely cheaper options but we like buying solid furniture. AND, this was my favorite design.  We don’t like to buy the TOP of the line that we’ll be heartbroken when it gets damaged BUT we know that cheap furniture just won’t make it through a few moves. It falls apart!  This set is really sturdy and we like that.  You can find it here:  Young America by Stanley.

Do you buy furniture that lasts a long time and is durable in moves or that you can discard and replace in just a few years when it gets ruined?

Link me to your furniture pieces if you’d like! I’d love to see!!!

Kara - Congrats on ordering the nursery furniture! I remember having such a hard time finding a crib and changing table that matched. 🙂

joy - We got some hand-me-downs – which were (are) a total blessing – It was hard to justify buying something when we had some friends offering up their used ones. (We did buy a new mattress)

However, I’m with you, I love furniture that lasts. I love real wood. I admire excellent craftsmanship and want it all in my home 😉

I look forward to buying these pieces as time goes on (next up, Reagan’s big girl bed) – but for now, we are doing the garage sale/ hand-me-down thing. And that works too!

LOVE the pieces you picked out – that’s EXACTLY what I was wanting for Reagan, if I was going to buy 🙂

Christin@purplebirdblog - Shoot, I wouldn’t mind having that dresser for myself!! 🙂

shawna [of styleberryBLOG] - it is beautiful!

La. - I’m sorry but people spend WAY TOO MUCH on baby nurseries. It is ridiculous. We used my crip from when I was a baby and we change her on a hoosier cabinet (antique) which also serves as her dresses. Your gals nursery is sure to be pretty though!

tori - Thanks La! I am so glad you say that! I have moments of feeling like a bad mommy for not caring more about the nursery but I have more important things going on to plan for her arrival than that…she’ll get a beautiful room, it just won’t be the minute she comes home from the H! 🙂

tori - Thank you friend! 🙂

tori - HA! I know, right?!

tori - No hand-me-down furniture offered! 🙂 Let us know what you decide for Reagan’s big girl bed! How exciting!!! Luckily it appears this (or some of it) may be a gift from grandparents!! We’re so grateful!!

tori - UGH! Me too! We loved one crib, hated the dresser. Loved another crib, wrong color. Found a crib, wrong color dresser. This was the only one that just had more pros than cons….done! ordered! sick of the indecision! 🙂

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