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The last time I got sick it was after we left our local area on vacation.

I’ve always believed that when you move or travel you’re more susceptible to germs in that new area because you’re not “immune” to them. I could be wrong. Just a hunch!

I believe it now more than ever though because we eat honey from our local area now daily and truly believe our allergies are better. We do not take allergy meds at all anymore unless we have a cold or some sort of sickness.  I used to take it every day!

There is no proof that it works, but there are some studies that point to local honey as possibly being able to help with seasonal allergies.  The theory is that it works like a gradual and natural vaccination toward the local pollens.  Ideally, the honey-eater has no reaction to local pollens after eating local honey since they are now immune to those local pollens.

Warning: There is a potential for an allergic reaction to honey AND children under 12 months old should not be fed honey due to infant botulism, which their systems cannot fight.

I have read that it is ok to eat during pregnancy and nursing though.

You be the judge!  Is it worth a try?

References:  Discovery Health

joy - Kevin swears that honey=processed sugar – just be careful out there with your glucose levels and all that jazz

Jenn (GH) - I didn’t know that about allergies and local honey but it makes sense. I put raw honey on my personal super food list. It’s on my grocery list for today along with bee pollen.

Jenn (GH) - Didn’t know that about local honey and allergies but it makes sense though. I put raw honey on my personal list of superfoods. It’s on my grocery list for today along with bee pollen.

Chelle - Hi tori, i’ve just found your blog through Miss KellyO! I love your energy, your attitude and your balanced approach towards health and fitness… That’s what inspires me =)

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