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I had a request to tell you all my meal plan but that’s hard to do because I eat different things every day but in similar macros.

What is a macronutrient? Short version:  carb/protein/fat.

So, for each meal I know approximately what I will be eating based on the macros, then I just pick what I want to eat!

We were getting sick of chicken and fish so we made one of our favorite poultry recipes a few days ago!  (I know….who wants to turn their oven on when it’s 110 degrees outside? We did, for this turkey!) Find our turkey recipe here.  We found it on Food Network the week I started cutting back in late 2008 and have LOVED it ever since. EVERYONE who tries it loves it.  I dare you…try it! I cut a 3-4 oz slice of a turkey breast that we baked.

Then, I added a green veggie.  I always add a green veggie.  If I have a sandwich for lunch, I also have a side… veggie! They taste great! They are great for you! They fill you up so you’re not hungry and they are full of good stuff!  My favorites are broccoli, spinach and salads.  Broccoli is my go-to for most meals. I buy the frozen bags at Sams 4-6 at a time…yes, seriously.

Greens are FREE foods which means you can eat as many of them as you want.  Warning. If you eat too many….you will not be able to leave your house or your roommate may kick you out of the because of the stench you’re leaving behind. Be careful with extra roughage if you’re not used to it. You have to build up to eating more greens.

Then, I’ll add a carb or a fat.  I like to add my fats in my breakfast and snacks and carbs in my meals…just my preference. I love something sweet after I eat so I usually vote for fruit as a dessert after my meals.  I LOVE Braeburn apples, oranges and pineapple on a occasion or for a really bad sweet tooth!  During contest I had brown rice or yam.  (Sometimes I’ll add a piece of dark chocolate…yum!)

Local tip. The commissary has some GREAT small navel oranges that come in a 3# bag right now and are deliciously sweet!  And, a great small size!

Hope that helps you decide what you’ll be eating for lunch…..what is your favorite healthy lunch?

Chelsea McCown - Great post!! Here’s a question for you: I always keep a stash of those ‘steamables’ (no sauce, just veggies) on hand and often pop on of those in the microwave for lunches. I find I don’t have the desire (or time) to really cook lunch for just myself, so that way, I at least get veggies at lunch. Do you think those are better than canned or frozen (that you steam yourself?). Just wondering if the convenience is worth it!

tori - I try not to use cans at ALL b/c of the BPA, so we have them RARELY. Some things are hard to avoid b/c we still do not have a huge “green” selection in this area.

Also, I love the steam bags when I travel and need to make veggies. They are usually pretty clean from preservatives. I ALWAYS look for ingredients that say…. “Ingredients: broccoli.” My only issue is the microwaving in plastic. It makes me a little nervous. I do the same thing as those veggie bags when at home w/ my frozen veggies but I pop them in the microwave in my pyrex or ceramic bowls.

So, I guess my answer is, if you’re going to microwave vs steam, it’s better to not use plastic – in my (uneducated on this subject) opinion. And, it’s better to microwave and steam than cook in water b/c you lose nutrients. But, I think the grand scheme of things YOU ARE DOING AWESOME BY EATING PLAIN VEGGIES….whether they come in a bag or not.

I think the only time veggies are bad is when you smother them in preservative and trans-fat full Ranch Dressing for example. Kind of defeats the purpose! 🙂

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