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one step at a time | baby steps toward healthy living

Sweet Caroline [styleberryPHOTO]

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, BUT I needed a great pic for it. I had this vision of my favorite baby ever taking her first steps so I had to wait for that to happen.  NOW, I can do this post! Thank you to the wonderful, guest photographer on my blog today….styleberryBLOG.

I thought of this post when we were at a huge Galleria shopping and we went to a Teavana tea store.  They sell healthy, but loose tea, not in tea bags. While at the store, I made this realization. I love tea. Love. It. So, I thought this store was for me when I saw it. Nope, it’s not. I’m not there yet. I’m not ready to have loose tea and special tea pots and make my own little tea bags. I’m still in a stage where I like to drop a tea bag in my hot water and be done.  I may get there. But, I’m not there yet.  And, that’s ok!

So, my point with this post is…..take baby steps toward healthy eating, healthy living, healthy exercise, etc. Don’t get discouraged.  Don’t try to run before you can walk.  One step at a time. One foot in front of the other. Crawl before walking. Walk before crawling.  😉

Start with whatever you can do. Start by getting a commitment for 5 minutes of exercise a day if that’s all you can do. I promise you’ll feel better and want to push for more. Or, start with 15-30 which is a great starting goal. You can stay at 30-45 or push it up to an hour or more…when you’re ready and if you’re trying to shed some pounds.

Don’t jump in all at once! Ease into it! It’s better for you! If you try to switch out your entire diet all at once…your body will revolt!  Start slow. Don’t add in TONS of fiber, add it in gradually.  Take a step to stop eating out as much, so make a goal to eat out only on the weekends, then progress into only once or twice on the weekends.  Make a goal to eat no more fast food.

Reassess and take another step in. Once your first baby step worked….take another one.  Once you’ve done well with adding in fiber and green veggies at every meal, you can start to cut out starchy carbs or something.

Some ideas on places to start….

  • Swap out all refined white flours for whole grains – i.e. pastas, breads, chips, sub yams for white potatoes, etc.
  • Add in x minutes of exercise every day or every other day.
  • Add in a green veggie (spinach, brocolli, salad, etc) into every meal and eat that before your meat and definitely before your carb.
  • Add in 3 oz of meat at every meal.
  • Try to drink 1/2 gallon or a gallon of water a day (again, baby steps don’t increase this substantially on day one!)

I am still taking baby steps. It’s a process!  It doesn’t happen overnight and I’m not quite there yet with my natural living and healthy eating. What steps have I taken? Like I said above, I’m not there with tea yet. And, that’s ok. [Even though the lady at the store told me all the nasty stuff in tea bags and then said so kindly “Ew.” I will ignore that.]  My healthy eating/exercising journey started with reading the book Body For Life and it’s a great starting point!  Here are some changes I’ve made recently….

  • GREEN. I have recently switched to using less paper towels.  I have microfiber cleaning rags that I use all the time around the house. I know, profound, right? For me, yes.  [A post on this later?] I never learned how to clean. My cleaning ladies are teaching me to clean. No, I’m not kidding.  So, I’m learning.  I’m trying to find cloth napkins for cheap that are cute…suggestions? That’s my next step, but I’m too darn cheap frugal to spend a lot!
  • GREEN. I’ve also switched to natural cleaning products.  Check out my vodka cleaning post.  I also made my own veggie wash. I posted that [and other fun tips] on my FITori FB Page.
  • DIET. I drink a gallon of water a day. I have a gallon jug in my fridge and refill it every night. Chill for morning. Drink it up! Throughout the day I know how much I’ve had to drink. When I go out, I fill my BPA free bottles and then drink them.  All measured.  Then, I can stop thinking about it and just know how much I’m drinking.  Less thought = good.  I have other, more important things to think about besides how much I’ve eaten or drank that day.
  • DIET. All whole grains. No white stuff.  Easy switch now. We are used to this one now.
  • DIET. Recently we’ve been adding in more beans for dinners instead of some of the meat or in addition to the meats. I tried lentils which you can find here and here.  And, I have a great new recipe I need to post for lentils! Yum.
  • DIET. Organic. I’ve been trying to eat the Dirty Dozen in organic at least. So, I’m not that great about everything organic…it’s expensive. And, here it’s nearly impossible to find, but those I buy organic [and drive over 30 min one way to the one grocery that has them]. No organic, hormone free meat here yet and I’m not “there” yet to buy my meat from Wisconsin [like my OBGYN does].
  • DIET. Organic milk.  It’s all we drink now for milk.
  • DIET. No juice, just real fruit. [May change after kids, may not.]
  • DIET. Real foods! We limit our foods w/ a million ingredients. Five or less is good.  REAL FOODS.  We do full fat dairy due to hormones. Real butter, not margarine.  Real foods. No diet food. No skinny cows. The real stuff, but in moderation and rarely. We eat FIVE ice cream now. Small containers. Small servings.  Natural ingredients.  Yummy!
  • EXERCISE. I’m taking baby steps to get back into exercising after my ankle injury.  I’m not pretending that I can do all that I used to because (1) if I do, I’ll be hurting tomorrow.  Hello, DOMS.  (2) it’s just silly to think that I am exactly where I left off.  So, I’m taking baby steps. I’m not beating myself up, literally or figuratively.  The body is amazing! I will get back there before I know it. Muscle memory is a real thing. The body loves exercise.  What fun!

WHAT BABY STEPS HAVE YOU TAKEN RECENTLY??!!  I can’t wait to hear and be inspired by you!!!

shawna [of styleberryBLOG] - can i push rewind & go back to no baby steps when i was still producive? thanks for sharing my caroline!

sandi - yeah i jumped right in to most those things you listed. i have a hard time with the meat at every meal just b/c i don’t like meat that much and it’s sooo expensive unless i can find a way to eat cow for breakfast! i’m slowly switching the family to whole grains and wheat everything. they haven’t even noticed! my indulgence is still fruit juice (100% of course) just because we are on some assistance so we get it free every month. we did start getting help w/fresh fruit and veggies recently and that’s helped a lot so now the kids get to eat real grapes and carrots instead of juice and canned stuff.

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tori - omg. just looking back at this pic and realizing that my baby is almost this size and it’s freakin’ me out! she looked like such a big girl to me back then and now this pic seems so little compared to how big c is now! insane.

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