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Organic Dirty Dozen

Organic Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen

In case you haven’t heard and you’re confused about what to buy organic and what to save your money on and buy standard, see the list to the left.  I’m assuming most of you have heard of this list, but do you have a hard time remembering them when you’re in the store?  I do!

Click on the link below to download a list to print and put in your wallet. OR you can click on the iPhone app and download that to take with you…..

Also check out the Clean 15 listed there as well that you can save your money and not buy organic.  Also, keep in mind the fruits and veggies that YOU eat the most! Those, might be more important to eat organic since you’re increasing your risk by eating them all the time, especially if they are on the Dirty Dozen list!

I also use Veggie Wash on foods that I am going to eat the skins or cut through the skins. Keep in mind that if you slice the fruit, you are actually slicing the pesticides inside to the part of the fruit that you are about to eat.

Share any other info you have on the subject!

shawna - love this. wonderful resource!

Renee - Oh love the new header picture. You look like a professional athlete. Love it.

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