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Oxymoron? | Healthy eating in the 1st trimester

So, I had it all planned out. Yes, my life…all of it…planned. Still do. But, one thing was my pregnancy nutrition. I have binders of info on what to eat during pregnancy. I have studied and learned. Made lists and checked them twice. And then it happened….I actually became pregnant…and nauseous!! :-/

Chicken? Nope! Eggs? Nope! Broccoli? Are you kidding me?! NO! Sweets?  No way!  [If you know me you know this is ca-razy!  Me? Not like sweets?! *gasp*]  Carbs? Maybe a little!  🙂  [This was the 1st trimester…my sweet tooth is back but within reason.]

I still can’t figure out why God made us this way. I really want to eat as healthy as I possibly can and I cannot stomach the things I know I need to be eating right now!! How unfair!! I have to assume that God has a plan and this is part of it and that it’s ok. It just has to be ok during the 1st trimester, right?!  So, I resigned myself to eating something and the healthiest somethings that I could find…..bagels, whole organic milk, orange juice, crackers….and pizza.  I know, right? But I was losing weight and it was all I could stomach. Seriously!

Now in the 2nd trimester, I’m still upset that I have to “choke” down eggs and chicken still!  Those were staples in my diet and still, at 19 weeks, I have a really hard time eating them. I do not want them but I know they’re good for me. I know that protein is important so I’m trying to get as much as I can! [I’ll post later about pregnancy nutrition and all I know about it…..feeling like a hypocrite now since I’m still having such a hard time eating so many of the things on those lists BUT I am now coming to grips with the fact that these food aversions may last for 6 or more months yet!!!]

I’m getting creative with my protein choices. It’s my only option! I’m hiding my poultry. I’m eating more beef than chicken.  I feel better when I eat a good amount of protein.  Soups, mixes that “hide” the poultry, salads, etc where I can cover up the chicken taste…..that works for a few bites until I just can’t take it anymore.  It’s better than the 1st trimester but I really thought that I’d be fine after the first 12 weeks….not so much. I’m afraid this chicken/egg aversion could last a LONG time!! 🙁 UGH.

BTW, I tried the rounded corners on this pic but I don’t think it’ll stick. It’s too much effort [even w/ an action to do it for me!] and I don’t think it makes that big of a statement.  Thoughts?

What did you eat during your 1st trimester? Were you disillusioned like me?

Are you a planner, like me? Anything stumped you lately that has kept you from your plan?

Cassie G. - I was the same way! All I could take down were carbs and I thought for sure I was going to gain weight like crazy… but I didnt! I am 24 weeks now and gained a total of 18 lbs. The one food I could keep down during the entire first trimester was bean and cheese burritos!! Now I can eat everything in sight. No joke. I am also a planner, and even had my fridge and pantry stocked with healthy pregnancy staples and some days I couldn’t even walk into my kitchen because the entire kitchen smelled gross to me. I thought I was losing it for sure…AND my husband had to buy a different bodywash because I would gag everytime he walked by me! Poor guy. At least he understood. But everything is all better now :o)

Jess (Daly Authenticity) - Tori, although I am not pregnant right now, we are trying, so it is exciting for me to read these posts… almost gives me a glimpse into what I am signing up for. I am nervous because I know my mom was as sick as a dog with all four of her kids. I don’t know if it is hereditary, but I am bracing myself to also not feel well on most foods. Please know that ANYTHING is better than nothing, and the payoff will be great! So keep fueling your body, your baby needs it 🙂

TheHealthyApron - Oh gosh…things I have to look forward to!

tori - hahaha! I love having ALL the info and I just didn’t account for NOT liking chicken or eggs during the entire pregnancy!!! I had no idea!!! UGH! You adapt though! That’s just life, right? BTW, LOVED your post yest! Have to go and post a comment!

tori - Good luck trying! Did you read my TTC post? I know it’s all worth it!! But some have a much harder time than others and I really feel for women who are trying to hide it but are at work and are feeling AWFUL all day! That is rough b/c it can last for months!!! AND, I am extremely encouraged to know that the baby gets all of your stores from healthy eating for the years prior!! So, I’m really only punishing myself. I just know that we are made this way for a reason!

tori - HAHAHA! I have a serious sense of smell when I’m NOT pregnant so it’s ridiculous now. My hubby had to get used to me locking myself in the bedroom while he ate! It was tons of fun!!!

gretchen - I was planning on eating better but baby refused to let anything other than fried shrimp or hamburgers into my belly. I tried salads and chicken and you would have thought I was trying to eat earthworms. It was so frustrating. Now that I’m in the second trimester it is infinitely better but the baby still says no to a lot of stuff. and it is amazing that something so small can so completely take over every aspect of your body.

Renee Booe - I can totally relate. I hated chicken when I was pregnant. Hated it!!! Sometimes we just have to listen to our bodies. I think you should post your research in eating during pregnancy. And how you’ve adapted. I’m interested.

tori - SOOOO true!!!! I didn’t believe it til it happened!!! BTW, I’m posting that recipe soon…tonight or tomorrow!!! It’s all ready to go!

tori - Ok…I’ll post it!! I’m feeling so guilty looking at it all and seeing my good intentions and what I’m not able to eat 🙁 Boo.

Laura Read - Get used to it Tori. This is motherhood. You’ve got a list, a plan, a determination to do things a certain way, but babies kind of change everything. It’s not just nutrition. You’ll probably find that your labor doesn’t go how you planned, even though you’ve studied the best way to do it. Then when baby gets here, that’s a whole different story. And when she’s two, and when she’s four, it’s pretty much a guessing game. She’ll come with her own ideas and personality and all your best laid plans…
But it’s great that you’re realizing this now yet still trying to do what is best for you and the baby. You are a good person!

tori - Thanks girl! I know that God has his plan of how this all works…..he doesn’t give you a 4 year old to start! There is a progression and I believe that it all happens to get us there as easily as possible. I have a post coming up about what I expected about pg and what I truly feel and how I feel about that! Hope you’ll weigh in on what you think!

Audra - Some of your food aversions may last beyond pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Neely, pretty early on, we were driving in the car trying to decide where to go for dinner. John started going on and on about hot wings, and my stomach just churned. I thought he was going to have to stop the car. I haven’t been able to eat wings since!

tori - I’ve heard that from others!!! We’ll see…… :-/

Christin@purplebirdblog - The rounded corners look good, but I didn’t really even notice until you said anything. 😉

Best wishes on finding foods that work best for you! The body is a craaazy thing!

Emily - Honestly it’s a relief to see you say this. I feel like if you were unable to eat the way you wanted to then I shouldn’t feel so guilty. With Andrew I could at least suffer through foods and I ate okay because I was so hungry. There were a few meals I just couldn’t choke down. I don’t remember having much of an aversion to anything. This time— OOOOHHHHH NOOOOO. I have survived on Kraft Mac & Cheese (in a box) and the only saving grace is that I mix it with steamed green beans. Of course if I prepare it myself forget it. I’ve had chicken tacos twice and other than that, no meat has entered my body. Blech! My doctor told me that as long as I’m taking my prenatals I’ll be fine and I take really good prescription ones… I just hope this eases up and if these aversions stay after the baby I’ll never be able to eat anything healthy ever again. (and if you happen to see this and know me, please don’t “out” me on FB)

Ela - I’ve never been pregnant but have had many friends share similar stories of being turned off everything they ‘know’ is good. It’ll be fascinating to hear your thoughts on pregnancy nutrition once you have combined ‘theory’ with ‘experience.’

The rounded corners look nice but not a huge deal.
Congrats on taking care of yourself!

Amy - Tori just keep doing the best you can! My sister was really sick while pregnant (with a girl too!) and she found it really hard to eat anything. The one thing she ended up eating was the protein bars I made for her with the Arbonne protein powder! I can email you the recipe if you’d like to try it! They taste like no-bake cookies:)

tori - Absolutely!!! Will I have some of the powder? I can’t wait to try Arbonne!!! I’ve heard and researched it and know it sounds GREAT!! Can’t wait!!

tori - BTW, when did you start w/ Arbonne?!

tori - Ela, you’re awesome!!! You actually read my whole post! 🙂 ahaha! I think I’ll leave the corners alone from now on! I guess everyone is different SO my “experience” will be different but there is definitely a lot of research and info out there and I will definitely be sharing it!!!

tori - LOL!!!! I feel the same way! I’ll never eat healthy again if this doesn’t go away! 🙁 Argh!! I def had a mac and cheese couple of weeks but I have NOT had a green been in months….that’s amazing…I’m bowing at your feet right now! 🙂 ha! maybe it’s a girl thing! I’ve heard ppl say that, but I think that’s a wives tale! who knows!! 🙂

Cindy - Just wait till you have another! Each pregnancy is so different and you eat and have different cravings. My first trimester with Jt was the best! I ate anything cold and crunchy. So mostly fruits and veggies. Couldn’t stand the taste of red meat, I felt like a vampire! lol I basically ate everything in sight and ended up gaining 70 pounds! pre pregnancy weight was 140 and I’m 5’9″ I was in REALLY good shape. I ended up delivering at 210″( Fatty!
Second pregnancy (you followed this one) only gained 40 pounds and could only really eat chicken noodle soup and CRAVED salads!I couldn’t have pancakes or anything that required surup! Way to sweet. That was the first first trimester though.
Oh and I loved Baskin Robins my last trimester! I totally thought T was a girl.
Just so different!
Enjoy the foods you can eat and all the foods you can’t eat will be enjoyable to you after you deliver!

Michele @ Healthy Cultivations - I’m a shameless planner. I plan everything, although sometimes life gets in the way. I guess we have to allow that to happen. I know we do. It’s important to plan though because you can’t reach goals without a vision of where you want to go.

Melissa @ Be Not Simply Good - I had similar difficulties during pregnancy. I don’t remember chicken, in particular, being an issue, but cooking smells made me feel queasy. Eggs were the worst! I also felt far more nauseated after taking my prenatal vitamins. Good for you for doing so much research and planning for how best to care for yourself during pregnancy. I hope the food challenges pass soon.

tori - Cindy, I’ve heard from some that their food aversions NEVER go away or it takes a LONG time 🙁 I’m really hoping that’s NOT the case!!!! So, maybe next pg I’ll be able to eat anything and gain 70 lbs! 🙂 We’ll see!!! My “sweet tooth” came back a bit, but only in small doses…a lot of things are still too sweet for me! I’ll take that any day though!!!

tori - I agree Michele! I plan b/c it makes me feel better to have thought through what may happen, the different possibilities and then I can quit worrying. I guess the gist of that is…..I don’t like surprises!! 🙂 I like to have an idea what’s ahead. Not sure why. I agree you have to be flexible and that planners achieve goals. So far my plan has worked but not on the time schedule I thought b/c I didn’t know when I’d be ready to have kids or when we’d move etc. I’ve achieved the goals I set out to complete before having baby and I’m glad I did!

tori - Thanks Melissa! I hope they pass soon too! Eggs are one of the worst! I ask my hubby to make me 1-2 every time he makes his and I choke them down and then eat something else! 🙂

Lynley - With Payton I was sick at least 6 times a day, the ENTIRE pregnancy! I lived off fruity pebbles, spanish rice, and Arby’s curly fries, and those only stayed down for about an hour. I also still hate eating at Olive Garden! I have eaten there once in the last 8 years, because of my pregnancy with her!
Payton came out a healthy 7lbs 10 oz, and she was 2 weeks early!

Allie - Aww, sorry to hear about your dilemma! My mom never had morning sickness or any food aversions so I hope to be the same way when I get pregnant one day (I’m only 18!). I suppose you could use this time to discover new foods to love!

tori - I hope you’re lucky like your mom!!! Great “spin!” 🙂 I love a positive attitude!!!

tori - Lynley – that’s awful!!! I hate that for you!! I really do feel for women like you who are sick the WHOLE time! sounds awful!!

Rach - Oh no! This is so scary! I have no idea what I’ll do when I’m pregnant. I’m hoping I can stick to normal healthy foods, but I have a feeling I’ll be craving Taco Bell… o.o

tori - I am hoping for your sake that you have NO problems! 🙂

tori - Your comment got spammed Christin! Sorry!!

Nicole D - With my first pregnancy-I never even knew I was pregnant( had a girl)and could eat anything. I loved anything lemon lime and sour!

Second pregnancy( having a boy) SO SICK. I was so shocked. I had no appetite and was throwing up all morning. My 2 year old would rub my back and pretend to throw up as well. IM so glad that is over! I was so worried with this one because I couldn’t eat for so long….lots of toast and cottage cheese 🙂 and I could not for the life of me get to the gym. Im finally back and feeling so great. I love Cycling!

Now were back to normal and I am 24 weeks! Isn’t the 2nd trimester way fun??!?!

tori - I”m sooo glad you’re back to normal Nichole D! The 2nd tri is much better than the 1st….I totally agree! That’s crazy how different your pregnancies were..maybe my 2nd will be a piece of cake! 🙂

Katy @ MonsterProof - First trimester…whatever I could keep down. Lots of bagels, saltines, ginger snaps. Cheerios were the bane of my existence. And tomato sauce. Odd aversions. And, I had been a vegetarian and REALLY wanted meat all the time. So, started being a carnivore again.

Second trimester to now (almost third!)…I’m more like myself! Yay! Chicken’s now pretty disgusting, and don’t really enjoy meat much again, generally. I’m fine with eggs, though. I eat insane amounts of citrus. Other than that? Not too odd.

tori - I can’t get over how disgusting Chicken is to me!! (And eggs…w/o ketchup!) I can eat them if they’re covered in ketchup! Crazy! NOT LIKE ME AT ALL! 🙂 Glad you’re a carnivore for now! I have a great friend like that….too funny how the hormones affect our bodies!

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