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photography | encouragement to shoot in M

I talked about the camera my sweet FIThubby got me for Christmas in this post. I also stated in that post that I am not a photographer, but I sure do love using my camera! What fun!  I have to tell you that I purchased a ton of books, have done a lot of research, asked a lot of questions and PRACTICE as much as I can.  I still have a tremendous amount of learning to do, but it is TONS of fun for someone who loves photos as much as I do!

My BFF encouraged me to shoot in Manual. She is a photographer. Read her post here on shooting in M.  I took her advice after a month and I shoot in Manual whenever I can! Sometimes I want to catch a shot so I’ll put it in Auto really quickly to get the shot and if I have enough time to play I’ll switch it to Manual.  Today, my FIThubby looked so cute when he came in the kitchen on his way to his game I HAD to get a pic!!!  I ended up getting two pics. ONE in auto and ONE in manual and I HAD TO SHOW YOU THE DIFFERENCE!!! It literally took under a minute to take both photos and look at the difference!  These are straight out of the camera with no editing.  Add a little editing and the pic on the right will be amazing!  I love it!

the photo on the LEFT was shot in AUTO  |  the photo on the RIGHT was shot in MANUAL  | NO editing on either photo!

So, the moral of this story is to branch out! Try it this weekend!  Read your manual. Buy a book on photography.  Work on it!

If you think you’re getting good quality from your dSLR camera now, check out how great it would be if you tried shooting in M!

Show me what you take! I’d love to see! Post your pics here….

shawna @ styleberryBLOG - YAY! I think this is more of a focus/lack of focus comparison, but you can definitely tell a difference in exposure. Now all you have to do is switch to BBF & you will be all set! 😉

tori - Totally a focus issue! I love the focus control I have when shooting in M that I miss with Auto!! BBF??!!

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