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playing with the self timer | Christmas Eve 2010

I took some pics last night while I was waiting on the hubby to go to Christmas Eve Mass.  I was trying to set up the camera to just plug the hubby in, snap a pic and leave. It didn’t really work out that way!  We didn’t get any really great pics last night. Boo.  I should have turned more sideways for these….oops! I am trying to work more and practice more with my camera. The more you play, the better you get, right??!!  I’m trying! and hopefully you’ll be able to watch my photography grow even more next year!!

I did get some cute ones while I was playing before the hubby stepped in!  We moved in front of the mantle and they didn’t turn out that great.  The dog thought I was nuts with all the running back and forth between the camera/tripod and the tree….hence the middle pic!

We’re now resting after our fun and long Christmas morning. I just edited some cute pics of Toby with his new bed that he got for Christmas. Santa was really good to Toby this year!! 🙂  I’ll share those pics tomorrow.

How was your Christmas? Did Santa come to your house? Do you have pics posted you can share links with us?!

Dawn - Merry Christmas! Baby’s 1st Xmas pictures…cute!

I got a kindle and a camera this year. My camera is a kodak m580…a simple phone to some people but I am learning. 🙂

Toronto Girl West - Santa did come to our home!! Unfortunately so did Virus Claus! 😛

I blogged about it! 🙂

April - Looks like someone ate too much pie. j/k What a great and life changing 2011 you are going to have!

I got a new computer which means I can comment more since I don’t have to wait years for the thing to load up!!

Laury @thefitnessdish - I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!! The pics are cute…I am STILL learning on my DSLR camera, and I got it 2 birthdays ago. I feel like everyone that starts posting from their new SLR always looked better than mine, LOL.

Amy - You are so cute:) And I love the one of Toby looking up @ you! Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

tori - @Dawn – you’re so right!!! I am still learning my iPhone. I don’t use it to it’s full capacity! Baby steps!
@Toronto Girl- glad I got my cold out of the way a few weeks early!
@April – ahahahaha! So true on all accounts!! And yay for a faster, less frustrating computer!
@Laury – isn’t everyone still learning their dSLR?!
@Amy – thanks girl!!

Diana @ frontyardfoodie - Oh you look great! I’m so happy for you guys.

tori - Thanks so much!!!

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