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Tons of pics!! | Progress and Update

October 26, 2009

Yes, that’s an ugly bruise from lifting….I banged a weight into myself….and that’s what happens!
I must say that I’m not proud of my results this last month…I’ve maintained! I did really well the week of my brother’s wedding, but the 2nd week of my husband’s homecoming….I cheated…a LOT. Once I started, I didn’t stop. I tried all the good food in Chicago and was a really, really bad student at that point. My trainer would be and probably is disappointed. As soon as I got home, I got back on track from day 1 and I have maintained my weight loss, but obviously the progress I could have made….I didn’t. It was a waste of a month because I’m still maintaining. You can see if you compare my progress pic with the last few that it’s pretty similar.

I’m also struggling with my back still. It got worse than it’s ever been last week, but then it got better. I think being in the car on my business trip all week did the most harm, so I think that’s why I’m feeling better now that I’m home. I’m not sure. I did well last week on my business trip and stuck to my diet but missed 2 cardio workouts due to the amount of hours I was working. So, again, back on track this week. I’m not being too hard on myself for the past, but am using it as a reason NOT to cheat at all and NOT to make any excuses TODAY….or TOMORROW. I can excuse last week, but I can’t excuse today.

I have an MRI scheduled today. Hopefully I’ll get some answers, but the best thing is that I’m starting to feel better, finally…so let’s hope that progress in the right direction (healing) continues!

A peak at our Chicago trips…

A peak at my brother’s wedding…..

Nikki T. - Girl,
Don't beat yourself up too bad. You are looking AMAZING, and you deserved to relax a bit when Charlie came home. You didn't set yourself too far back, and you still have time to recover. I'm so glad that you finally posted an update, because I had been checking in on you and hadn't seen a post in awhile! You are my motivation right now to get back on track and to STAY FOCUSED! Keep at it and it will all be worth it in the end!!!

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