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Progress at 11 weeks out!

Busy girl didn’t charge her camera. Busy girl hasn’t touched her camera in a week or more.  Busy girl’s camera almost died during photoshoot. Photoshoot was rushed and here are the results!  These are at the wrong angles and the camera is in the wrong place.

I got my shoes! And, I definitely see a difference in the rear shot – mostly in my waist – from that rear shot. I have work to do on my lower half but that’s the last to lean out so not too shocking there.

The scale hasn’t budged much but I’m looking leaner so it’s working!  (Can’t wait for the scale to move though!)  Last week it was after the weekend that it moved – Sunday/Monday – so hopefully it’ll be the same for this week.  My lunges/stadiums/cardio over the weekend budged the scale maybe….or the rest….who knows. That human body is AMAZING!!

Feeling really good in the gym!  Feeling like I’ll looking really lean. Feeling bloated but Tres cut my diet soda (I needed it out anyway) and cut down on my sodium (which should help the bloating too).  Maybe I’ll drop some water soon and the scale will move 🙂  Wondering also if the carbonation is causing some bloating so I’ll ease up on that too.

Happy training…off to do lunges and stadiums, then combat cardio class!!! WOOHOO!!!

E Renee Irwin - Good Job Tori!!!

You’re looking fantastic. You should feel very proud of yourself 😉

Alana Whitener - you look great! i love watching all the changes!

Stacey - Love love love the shoes! Looking good 🙂

Beth - You look awesome!! It is so motivating to see the results, makes me wants to get back on track. Good luck with your training!

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