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PROGRESS PICS – Another 2 weeks

Excuse the red tummy on my pic on the right from today…I took it right after I got out of bed, hence not showing my face!! 🙂 I do see a wee bit of a difference in my stomache looking a bit flatter! Only time will tell…..keeping it up!!!

Photos on the LEFT were taken 2 weeks ago, today, on 5.21.09 and the ones on the RIGHT were taken today 6.4.09

This has been a crazy week so I apologize for my photos this week sucking!! My BFF suggested that i get a camera tripod…it’s on my list of things to go get but haven’t done it yet. So, like the past few weeks I have been stacking up books on a dresser and making it work. So, I apologize for the pics being a bit of different sizes this week and my side shot was a different stance also – leg out vs in! Sorry! You can see that there was a bit of a difference though. I had an extra cheat meal last week due to circumstance (those of you who know me personally know what was going on…but not internet-worthy info). And, this week LBC changed up my workouts and diet and “kicked it up a notch” which is awesome! I know I will see even better results coming up!!! I’m excited! The numbers on the scale and the measurements are not that drastic, but I feel and look better. I’m still gaining muscle mass and getting stronger while I am also cutting…so it is the best of both worlds!!!

Becca - Gotta love feelin' those changes! Keep it up – I'm excited to see more of these progress shots. I love progress pics!!

Rachael - You look great!

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