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Progress Pics on the road

November 13, 2009

This is my first butt pic so please be nice 🙂 I plan to show my befores (which are GREAT befores..if you know what I mean) when I have a great after…this will be the in between. It’s funny that you can see my left arm in the middle picture has a “farmer’s tan” or “driving arm” from driving so much lately – including the 5 hour drive to get there on my business trip….all the way in the sun. Oops!I feel as though I’ve maintained the last few weeks which I know is a great thing…it’s hard to maintain, but as hard as I’ve worked I hope to see more results. I have done it to myself though…last week was so rough at work and with my final masters paper due and being called out of town last minute on a business trip, it was all I could do to stick to my diet and get some sleep. I will do a better job next week as my masters paper was turned in and I can spend those extra hours in the gym!

Check back with me in a few weeks.

Becca - Hey Tori! I wondered where you have been hiding. Well, your butt is nice – so no worries there! 🙂
Sounds like you have been a busy girl with your masters paper and what not. I'll be checkin' back on ya!


Krissa - I will take your booty 🙂

I like that new "self discipline" definition up top. I need to use that when I need to do cardio 🙂

You are looking great!

Nikki T. - Hey hot stuff!! You're looking GREAT!!! Keep up the great work!!!

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