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Progress Update – 12 weeks out!!!

February 27, 2010

Well, it’s been quite a month of soul searching to decide what I wanted to do and I’ve decided!  I have such a sense of peace about my decision!  Here’s a brief synopsis of my dilemma.  My trainer and I didn’t really click from the start but I trusted his philosophy so I went with it.  Turns out we really didn’t mesh well.  Also, turns out he was not willing to get me to my goals in time for my upcoming show. He wanted me to continue to cut slowly, however long it took, and not set a date.  I needed a date to get psyched about this and dedicate to it.  I was feeling hopeless with no end in sight and finding it hard to get motivated to stick to a program with so little results showing.  Experts say that in order to reach your fitness goals you need to set a goal with a date – set a 5k, triathlon, marathon….contest date!  Funny how they’re right!  Not surprisingly, I guess, I sent a professional email advising my old trainer that I would love to work with him in the future because I really liked his overall philosophy (we’d spoken about a pregnancy diet plan) but that at this time I was going to reach for my goals and go in another direction.  Well, he replied back much more unprofessionally than I ever expected. I’ve thought about posting that info here but feel it’s not worth mud-slinging. I just want to be done with that negativity. I’m sad it had to end that way. I never like to have drama or conflict with people. I don’t think it’s necessary as adults.  I think it makes more sense to tell adults that we don’t like each other and would prefer not to work together and move on. What’s the big deal?  I don’t like everyone on the planet and I don’t expect that everyone will like me. No harm. No foul.  It’s funny that him telling me I won’t reach my goals has given me more drive to reach them….just to prove him wrong.

So, I decided on a new trainer!  His positivity is already showing both in how I feel and thus how I am training and dieting. I’ve stuck with his plan 100% even though it’s taken a lot of time….many hours at the gym.  I am doing a more “normal” or “mainstream”  12 week contest prep, like most other competitors do.  I hope to be ready in time for the show on May 22. If not, I’ll do bikini or I’ll push it back 4 weeks to the June show.  I am really enjoying this process, with an end in sight!  (Of course, after that end, I will not eat whatever I want and not workout ever again, but I will not be spending 3 hours in the gym daily anymore and I will enjoy cheat meals now and then out with the friends and family).  I am already seeing results so along with the positivity of my new trainer, the results are helping to push me along to my goals.

Thank you friends and family…you all know who you are….for helping me with this decision!  I had a really hard time deciding and agonized about it – whining to all of you about what to do – and can’t thank you all enough for your help!!!  I am the luckiest girl to have such a great support group!

Check back because I will do be adding special posts both on Nikki, my friend and inspiration, and Tres Bennett of – my new trainer!

Leanna Gottshall - Tori–You look fantastic! Keep up the hard work! Keep us posted…and again, you look fantastic!

tori - Thanks Leanna!

Anne - Great work! It sounds like your new trainer has already had a wonderfully positive impact in such a short time. You can do this!

Cynthia Herndon - Hey… who was the trainer? I had a similar experience last fall.

Kristina - Hey Girl….
Good luck to you. I have been workign with Tres and Shannon since 2003. HE IS AWESOME…

Tori - Thanks Kristina! I’m loving him so far!!!

tina - I am happy to hear you switched trainers! Having an END GOAL is SITE is what working your ass off is all about! Your ex- trainer obviously wasn’t schooled properly!

I am here if you need “GIRLIE” advice! :O) What organization are you with?

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