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Progress Update – 4 weeks out

Friday, April 23, 2010

Please forgive me for not posting more.  I have things to post and just haven’t taken the time to do it, but I have been thinking a LOT about posting about mindset, dieting and healthy liftestyle versus skinniness 🙂

I definitely see changes! Hallelujah!  I am very pleased with my waist and the way all of my skinny clothes are falling off of me.  BUT I am scared to death that I will be fat on stage.  I have decreased from 20.4% Body Fat to around 15.5% (by my calculations based on lean muscle mass and all from the dunk tank and my current weight).  I am sticking with the plan. I am seeing changes. BUT I ONLY HAVE 4 WEEKS LEFT….AHHHHHHH!!!!!

I am also wrestling mentally with what weight I will be able to maintain.  Can I maintain this? 4 weeks out?  Can I maintain what I was a month a go or two weeks ago?  Time will tell.  Healthy eating is a journey I’m on and we’ll see what happens post-contest.

My post-contest plan for now – eat out dinner after the show, church on Sunday morning, eat out breakfast after the show (I have planned what I want to eat) and then by lunch on Sunday, back to planned eating.  I’ll work on loosening up my meals but I’ll start there.  I’ve been eating on a plan of some sort since January 2009 so I don’t know any other way right now. That’s habit for me now. I have been doing extensive research on pregnancy and fertility diets though and learning about healthy eating in general.  Let’s hope I can practice the “healthy” eating concepts that I’ve learned about!

As always, thank you for your support! My friends and family are the best!!!

Krissa - You are getting a LOT leaner! I think you will be ready for sure! Are you still working with LBC? GREAT BOOTY! 🙂 You are doing awesome.

April - 4 weeks is when the magic happens 🙂

I’m jealous of your shoulders and non butt cheeks sag LOL! Major changes, you will be fine!

Leanna Gottshall - You look fantastic! Your abs are amazing! You are going to rock it in 4 weeks! Good Luck!

shawna - Major difference! Would love a side by side before & now pic! You look amazing.

Anne - Wow your waist and thighs are MUCH smaller – I scrolled down to look at pics from 9wks out. You’re doing great!
Where is dinner after the show!? 🙂

ashley - whoa – look at the muscles in your arms and abs! awesome!

Cynthia Herndon - Don’t count the days, make the days count. ~Ali

You’ll be amazed at what can happen in four weeks if you do not relent.. you do not relent… you do not relent not even for a second.

Anything is maintainable if you have the will to maintain it and the will to do what it takes to maintain it. Change require change and that is never easy.. but can be done on a dime.

It’s all up to you, girl!

Keep at it.. you’ve made great changes already! Not much longer now.


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