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Progress Update – 6.5 weeks out

April 7, 2010 ~ 6.5 weeks out

I am still holding some water here from eating some carbs over the weekend. Tsk! Tsk! I know!  Moving on….

I definitely see a smaller layer of fat over my abs and a trimmer waist (from behind) and thighs.  My clothes fit better! Hallelujah!  If I compare these with the pics from last week I definitely see a difference, even though I’m holding some water still – the scale is high still from carbs – Boo!

Tres (the trainer) cut my diet WAY down starting tomorrow….pray for me.  He cut out one meal and cut down the rest of the meals.  My carbs are way down.  And, I’ll be doing more cardio. God help me…really!  I am so excited to see results…can’t wait.  There’s not much time left so……I can do it!!!!

Alana Whitener - Well I think you look awesome! Good luck with cutting the food. 🙂

Anne - Can DEFINITELY see a change in your waist! Awesome! And, Andy came home the other day inspired after a chat he had with C about his new diet & his weight loss! Way to go C 😉

Liz - You look great! Good luck with the next 6 weeks of the crazy nutrition. I think about doing a figure comp, and then I decide I’m not ready to commit to the nutrition quite yet. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the updated pictures!!

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