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I hope that this blog serves many purposes for me and for you.

I want to inspire others the way I have been inspired to start or to continue any exercise, nutrition or health goal that you wan to set.

I also want to share with you the many years of research I have done on fitness and nutrition and what I am learning daily on both of those as well as on competitions.

This blog serves as a purpose for me, as well, though. I hope to LEARN from YOU! Please, please leave me comments if I am wrong. I want to learn from the research and knowledge that you have on these subjects as well. So, please don’t be shy to tell me I’m wrong or to tell me your differing info. There are differing opinions on a lot of these subjects. And, we are all different so what may work for you may not work for me, but PLEASE SHARE WITH ME!!! Or link us to your blog where you have talked about these things.

I’m also looking for accountability to keep this up and inspiration from you all. I read your blogs and get inspired and knowing you’re reading mine keeps me going!

I’m also enjoying having my journals online and easily accessible for me to look back. It’s a GREAT tool! Also, now that I’m blogging weekly I can go back and look at my food choices and see my weakness and my body’s cravings at different times and make changes for next week.

I have started taking progress pics and I have ordered my first POSING SUIT!!! I will blog about that too when I get it. I’m still nervous to put it on here. I’m still working through body issues and I still feel like I’m fat and not good enough. Will I ever be good enough? We’ll see. But, hopefully with a little more progress, I will be able to add the weekly pics I am taking to these blogs so that you all can see.

Thank you for your support!!! Let me know if you have any special requests for blog posts!

Anne and Andy - Tori I read your blog (even though I’m not the best at working out right now!) and I am so inspired by your hardwork, dedication and discipline! You are awesome!

Tori - Thank you, Anne! That is too sweet! You have an excuse…I have no idea what that part of life has to offer (pregnancy) I’m not there yet!! BUT, I appreciate your support. Thank you!!! Maybe you’ll come to my show if it’s local…I think you’ll be like 8-9 months pregnant though 🙁 You might not feel like going anywhere!

The Ratcliff's - love ur blog! when is ur show and where? cant wait to see ur suit. i love reading what u have to say. ur a great inspiration.

Tori - I’m trying for the local show here in Shreveport for a number of reasons…it’s local and I know Charlie will be in town to see it! So, we’ll see. That’s 17 weeks and I’m seeing improvements already so I’ll start posting progress pics soon and you can see for yourself! 🙂 Thank you for your sweet comments. You help to keep me going!!! Thanks!

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